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    Graphics and coordinates in Excel


    by aldanatech ·

    Okay, picture this: Let’s say that you have a group of graphics in any format, and you want to map their location with X and Y coordinates or any other method, pretty much the same way you would map a hotspot on a web page’s graphic. Now lets say you want to keep track of those locations or coordinates on an Excel spreadsheet. Now to make it even better, lets say you want those coordinates to dynamically update as you move those graphics around within a defined area or on top of another graphic, therefore changing the coordinates. Is this possible? Is there a special trick I can use for this? Would I need to create an external script or some third party application for this purpose? And if so, how would it work?

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      by bristar ·

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      This seems like it would not be too hard with a little VB/VBA programming. I guess it depends on what program your graphics are in. You have full control of Excel through VBA, so importing values into another program should not be that difficult, depending on the program.

      If your program has VB extensions, it will be no problem. If not, it can still be done, but will take some effort.

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