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    Graphics being stripped out from emails


    by eoghan_murtagh ·

    Hello People, I have a problem that has me preplexed. Users in a company I support receieve newsletters monthly. The problem is that the graphics are being stripped out of the email message and being replaced by weblinks. I’ve checked all the local Outlook settings, made changes as recommended on microsoft website and have decided that this is happening at domain level. The mail is being filtered through a copperfasten hardware anti-spam filter and onto Windows 2003 sp1 server with Exchange. This is happening across all users I’ve tested, different client OS (XP AND 2K) and differnet versions of Outlook (2000, XP and 2003). I’ve tested it with newsletters I receieve to my own work account. I’ve forwared the mail onto my hotmail ac and to an email address on the problem domain. It goes fine to the hotmail and I have the prob on the domain. Therefore the problem is not the source either. I have another client with what appears to be the same set-up and they receieve the newsletters fine. I’m sure that I’m missing a check box somewhere but I can’t locate it. Any help would be gratefully accepted and appreciated.

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