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    Graphics Card


    by edbd ·

    Can I install a 32MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 4X AGP Graphics Card into a Dell Dimension XPS R450 Pentium II 448MHz computer with 224MB of RAM?

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      by dmiles ·

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      Check the motherboard manual for compatibility,the PII may not support the 4X,you will most likely have to use A 2X AGP card with 32MB

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      by thechas ·

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      The first question, is do you have an AGP slot?

      The AGP connector is usually brown and is a little bit shorter than the white PCI connectors.

      If you do not have an AGP connector, you cannot install an AGP card.

      With 224MB of system RAM, I suspect that you have on-board video with 32MB of RAM dedicated to the video system.

      Further, if you do have an AGP slot, your motherboard likely only has support for 1X AGP.

      Check the documentation for the card, and verify that is is AGP 1X and 2X compatible.

      Next, I am concerned about installing a newer AGP card in an older system. The BIOS is 4 years old, and may not properly support newer graphics cards.

      All in all, I would either install a PCI video card, or save my money up for a newer system.


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      by pierrejamme ·

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      You definitely have an AGP slot. we have several of the XPS R400. Dell documentation says:
      Physical Configuration
      Bus type AGP Spec v2.0 compliant
      Memory configuration 32 MB SDRAM
      Vertical refresh rates 60-85Hz
      Certifications FCC Class B, CE Class B (see Regulatory information)
      Power requirements 18.15 W at +3.3 VDC

      32MB Diamond Viper V770D Ultra NVIDIA AGP Graphics Accelerator Card

      The above is the standard install in these computers.
      You can get the latest BIOS at:

      You can increase your memory to 384MB and it isn’t a Compaq so doesn’t share memory with your video card.

      DELL – 128MB Module for a Dell Dimension XPS R Series System
      128 MB SDRAM, PC133, Non-Parity, Unbuffered
      Dell Part #: 660380-1 | Manufacturer Part #: MT16LSDT1664AG133C7

      Watch the voltage, whatever video card you purchase, should be:
      Power requirements 18.15 W at +3.3 VDC
      good Luck

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      by harobroys ·

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      I have a similar computer. I had to replace the oem video card last year. I used a Nvidia Geforce2/mx400 with 64 mb v ram by Gainward.This is a pci card -works fine. I didn’t see any advantage to the mx440 agp card at 1x.The replacement card was inexpensive and has very good resolution and color for photos.
      Since then I discovered the wonderful world of dual monitors and wished I had installed the nvidia card by PNY = pny NVS200 in either agp or pci versions.There are a lot of advantages to having multiple monitors particularly in view of the newer multiple screen integration software.

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