Graphics Card dying or CPU trouble?

By luketigers ·
Intel Core2 Quad CPU
Windows 7 64bit
Radeon 3800 series
Samsung 23 inch SyncMaster P2370 Monitor (8 months old)

PC is a couple years old now, and I have had to replace a PSU (bout 4 months ago).

Problem: It seems my PC is running bad again, I have specific high pitched whirring sounds from it during certain operations (running games and sometimes just using a scroll bar while browsing - though not as loud). If I minimise the gaming window the sound stops, even though the game is still running (GPU trouble?).

The latest hitch is that I get the 'Display Driver has stopped working but has recovered' message after a short black screen. I am now also getting horizontal lines running up the screen during gaming. Browsing seems fine, but the PC makes noises it shouldn't alot of the time while browsing (like it's processing something, but there is nothing I'm doing).

What I've done: I've checked my fan speeds and core temps using speedfan. Idling the temps are Temp 1 40??C, Temp 2 30?? and Temp 3 -2??C. All core temps are around 24-29??C. Once I start up a game the core temps get upto 42-52??C which I thought wasn't supposed to be too high. But it must be too hot over time, unless speedfan isn't recording properly or there is other damage. My fans run at 1000-1700 rpm (3 of them).

I've also recently cleaned the inner case of any dust, all looked fine.

I'm leaning toward needing a new GPU, is this what this problem sounds like? Just want to make sure it isn't CPU related as well (the noises make me wonder). Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. I'm not super techy but can generally follow instruction.


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Vert lines?

by Slayer_ In reply to Graphics Card dying or CP ...

If you are getting lines on your screen, then your video cards memory modules have overheated and died.

You can try underclocking your card to see if the problem goes away.

Memory modules overheat very easily, ambient temperature in your computer case may be too high. Make sure your case has very good ventilation.

I don't know what those noises could be, dust filled fans maybe?

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Reponse To Answer

by luketigers In reply to Vert lines?

Fans have been cleaned so that shouldn't be the issue. I'll look at playtool asap and see what it says. Might try uclocking. I know one corner of my GPU is wilted down (had high temps in the past - since fixed). It's been like that for a long time, so perhaps it is finally giving out.

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Vertical black lines sounds like cooked graphics card

by robo_dev In reply to Graphics Card dying or CP ...

The whirring is just a fan going into high-speed mode, trying to keep things cool.

What are your Speedfan Temp1 temp2 devices? Which is your GPU?

52C is actually fairly cool

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Reponse To Answer

by luketigers In reply to Vertical black lines soun ...

I knew that 80 degrees Celsius is too much, but didn't think that 50 should be a problem like you say. I'm sorry but I don't know what the temp 1 and 2 devices are, only the temps. Does speedfan tell me what they are somewhere? Either way GPU is max 40 if it temp 1. I thought that the core temps were where the trouble area may be? The whirring sound does not sound like fans, it's more of a high pitched squeel, like something is busting for lack of a better description.

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Reponse To Answer

by luketigers In reply to Vertical black lines soun ...

Sorry robo, I meant to say horizontal not vert, my mistake.

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Power Supply specs?

by Charles Bundy In reply to Graphics Card dying or CP ...

I'm wondering if your PSU is marginal and heading south... I've got a machine with a Radeon 3800 running win7 64 and every so often get a video driver recovery message. My PSU is a 380W antec green and this usually happens right after boot or suspend. I suspect the PSU and inrush current.

It may be a driver issue too, can't really nail it down without a PSU swap... :)

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Reponse To Answer

by luketigers In reply to Power Supply specs?

I highly doubt it is my new PSU. I just replaced the old one. Both are Zalmans, new one is a bit bigger (800W I think) but runs fine. I've tried AMD for drivers and check the CCC options out aswell, the drivers should be upto date. But I can't be 100% they aren't messed up somehow.

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Certainly not the CPU

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to Graphics Card dying or CP ...

Could be a faulty graphics card but it could also be that the new PSU does not put out enough juice to run your graphics card. The capacitors on your graphics card will make a funny sound if they are not getting the proper electronic current. Open the case and stick your head in there to determine the source of the sound.

Be sure to clean all the dust out of your fans, they could be clogged. Dust in the graphics card can destroy it.

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Reponse To Answer

by luketigers In reply to Certainly not the CPU

Yeah, the only reason I wondered about CPU was because of the high pitched squeeling sounds (could have been anything), but the symptoms look like GPU. I'll be running the PC with an open case soon to see if I can spot anything. I've cleaned up the GPU fan specifically not long ago, but if damage was done before then it would be too late now ofc.

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Horizontal lines not vert, sorry.

by luketigers In reply to Graphics Card dying or CP ...

Buh, correction to the lines running up and down in game, I meant to say horizontal not vertical, my mistake there sorry.

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