Graphics Card Issue

By michaeljjt ·
Running a slightly older desktop: Asus P4P Motherboard, P4 Intel 2.4 chip, 1 GB Ram

Was running a Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card successfully for about 3 years, until it burnt out.

Upgraded to a Powercolor/ATI 3650 (AGP) card, but when I installed it, its causing my system to hang at startup, or sometimes not even "beep" and get to the BIOS/POST. Occasionally it gets to the Windows (XP) logo/loading, and then hangs and reboots.

If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated....Is it possible the card is a bad card? Is it incompatible with the MB? Is there a problem with the MB and not the card? Do I need to check any BIOS settings?

Thank you

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Size of PSU ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Graphics Card Issue

Moving from an ATI Radeon 9800 to an ATI Crossfire 3650 is one **** of a jump.

I would think it came as a bit of a shock to your power supply unit too! (No pun intended)

What size of PSU do you have?

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500 PS

by michaeljjt In reply to Size of PSU ...

500 Watt PS in the system now

A couple of people in other places have said that could be the issue also, so it seems to be the consensus

Is jumping up to a 650 watt PS a good idea?

Thank you again

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I would tend to agree with OM here as well

by OH Smeg In reply to Graphics Card Issue

What is the size of the Power Supply and does the Video Card need to be connected to the Power Supply?

Also does that M'Board support that speed AGP Video Card. It should be a 8X and I can not remember if those SIS M'Boards support that speed for AGP. From memory I think that this M'Board is a 4X AGP Socket but I may be mistaken.

As the P4P ASUS M'Boards use a SIS Chip Set it is also possible that there is a conflict between the Video Card and M'Board. I've seen this a lot with Power Color Video Cards on nonintel Chipsets. But when you hit a Chip Set incompatibility the System just doesn't boot you see & hear nothing at all ever. So as you are seeing something some time I really think you need a bigger Power Supply or a better one. The other thing that I've noticed with the Power Color Video Cards is that the same chip set from a different maker quite often works on the same M'Board so I'm assuming it is the way that Power Color integrates this chip set into their Video Cards.

If you have something like a A Open 350 W or a Antec 350 W these are rated at a continuous level of power they can supply where as if you have a Flower 550 W that is a Peek Level that it can supply and it's continuous level is under the 350 Antec at about 200 W continuous.

You get a better PS when you buy a decent one that helps to protect your Computer from Mains Supply issues.

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I've heard that too...

by michaeljjt In reply to I would tend to agree wit ...

About the incompatibility, there were rumblings about it on the ATI website, but nothing was ever followed through/proven (guess not enough people were seeing the issue) Though obviously that could be the problem!

The 500 watt PS I was running was a decent one (Im assuming for the money I paid), but I dont think was anything great or a top name brand. I bought it a few years back when I honestly didn't know much about it; And I'm much more critical/knowledgeable about what I buy now. (So In other words, It could be a piece of crap!!!)

Im looking into getting the Antec EarthWatts PSU, and giving that a try.

I guess if that doesnt work, then I can return both parts and then chalk it up to the incompatibility issue. Unfortunately I do not have another MB to test it against.

Thank you for your reply

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Well the advantage of the Antec Unit

by OH Smeg In reply to I've heard that too...

Is you can use a 350W unit quite safely where as one of the other no name brands needs a 600 W or bigger to do the same job.

I've also seen 1 case of a tree falling in a storm bringing the High Voltage Lines into contact with the Mains so instead of the nominal 240 VAC here all the electron things got hit with a 33,000 VAC belt. The Antec PS sent a jet of flames out the grill and set the curtain behind the case on fire but when it came time to repair the system after the PS was replaced it worked perfectly and continued to till it was decommissioned 3 years latter. Not something I would recommend but it was a pleasant surprise particularly as there was a Cheap Insurance Company involved who didn't want to foot the bills for the required repairs to all the electronics in the affected neighborhood.

Actually adds a new meaning to running around putting out fires that day as everything caught fire. Just lucky I suppose that there where people there to put out the fires 2 houses didn't fare quite so well and honestly replacing the entire computer would have been a very cheap claim compared to the rest of the damage done.

Teh Cheap No Name PS would have simply died and taken every thing connect to them along for the ride.


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Maybe PSU....

by JamesRL In reply to Graphics Card Issue

Both the 9800 and the 3650 are AGP 8X cards so I suspect it is not an issue with MB compatibility. Your motherboard is compatible with AGP 8X only.

Typically most systems start off POST by cycling the video card up to full to test it. This generally starts the fan spinning at full. You can hear when this happens - usually after the memory test. If your systems has a BIOS setting for "full" POST messages versus a quick post. If so turn on full to see if you get any more information.

While the 9800 wanted 300 watt PSU and the 3650 wants a 400 watt, and you have a 500 watt, not all PSUs are equal. I would support the idea of testing with a another PSU to see if thats the difference.


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