Graphics card not detected

By bimal_kumar_sanghi ·
My XFX Nvidia Geforce 9400gt video card which I use in the PCIE x16 slot does not get detected after motherboard replacement

My motherboard Intel dg31pr and my 450 watt power supply were replaced with the same models as there was no post and then later no power from the Power Supply
So I received a new motherboard and power-supply simultaneously
I installed the motherboard and power-supply. Now everything works, am able to use the computer as before with the exception that the XFX Nvidia Geforce 9400gt video card which was previously working in the older motherboard in the PCIE x16 slot is now not getting detected in the new motherboard PCIE x16 slot. I am using the internal graphics accelerator on the motherboard.

Troubleshooting I have tried -
Tested the graphics card at the XFX Nvidia service center. The card works.
Uninstalled the XFX Nvidia Geforce 9400gt video card driver from the O/S which was installed in the hard drive as I only replaced the motherboard. Restarted and inserted the XFX Nvidia Geforce 9400gt video card into the PCIE x16 slot. Still did not get any thing in device manager or new found hardware. I have two O/S - Windows Xp and Windows 7 both are 32 bit.
All my hardware gets detected -
2 internal hard drives SATA - 500gb and 1.5TB
2 internal DVD drives SATA
1 7.1 Creative sound card
Posts and boots to windows properly

The XFX Nvidia Geforce 9400gt video card gets warm. Power supply fans and Processor fans are running normally. Can anyone help me with on what could be wrong as there is no other DDR2 Video card that I have to check or am doubtful if it could be a power supply issue as all other devices are getting detected and the computer completes POST and boots properly?

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Are you sure that the Video Card

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Graphics card not detecte ...

Is going into it's Socket fully? I've seen cases which slightly hold the Video Cards out of the PCI XPress Sockets and you need to adjust the Backplate and so on to allow the card to work.

Though I suppose it's always possible you got a faulty M'Board and the PCI XPress Socket is nonfunctional though I would first look in the BIOS of the M'Board and make sure that the PCI Sockets have not been disabled.


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Bios setting

by tantek In reply to Graphics card not detecte ...

Check the bios settings if initialise first display is set to PCIE.

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Still not detected

by bimal_kumar_sanghi In reply to Graphics card not detecte ...

I have made sure the card is inserted into the socket fully but still no go. I checked BIOS and as per this Motherboard's manual it is supposed to allocate everything automatically if a video card is detected. The BIOS is using DVMT. The option to use video was selected to AUTO. I also tried changing it to PCIE only but still no go.
When I tried PCIE only and saved in BIOS, i could still get display from the internal graphics slot. Even when the video card is installed, the PEG Negotiated Width is not detected. I have never used any other additional power which goes to this video card before. In device manager I see under system devices the following -
Intel(R) G33/G31/P35/P31 Express Chipset PCI Express Root Port - 29C1
Intel(R) G33/G31/P35/P31 Express Chipset Processor to I/O Controller - 29C0
Intel(R) N10/ICH7 Family PCI Express Root Port - 27D0
Intel(R) N10/ICH7 Family PCI Express Root Port - 27D2
All of these devices are working properly

I also tried a BIOS Configuration jumper for 30 seconds
The video card gets warm. If all the other devices connected as listed are working fine, is there a possibility that the Power supply might not be supplying enough power only to the PCIE x16 slot?

Are there any tools I can use like online software to check the Power supply or the issue?

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Still not detected

The Video Adapter Intel whatever you are seeing is the On Board Video not the Plug In Card.

I would start with another Power Supply if you have one and see if that makes a difference and make sure that the Auxiliary 12 V Plug is plugged in to the socket. With Desktop Boards this is generally a 4 Pin Connector away from the 24 Pin ATX Connector but could just as easily be 4/6 or 8 pin depending on who made the M'Board.


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PCIE slot?

by bimal_kumar_sanghi In reply to Graphics card not detecte ...

Power supply tested and okay on all voltages. Double checked the graphics card in another computer, works fine. No display when the card is connected to PCIE slot. Not even the BIOS screen. No beeps saying the Graphics card or PCIE slot is damaged. Thinking it is the PCIE slot, any other options?

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