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Graphics card updates on notebooks

By Jim Shanahan ·
Is it possible to upgrade the Graphics card on a notebook? I have a Gateway Solo 9300 with an ATI Rage Mobility 8MB card and I would like to upgrade it to 16MB. I do not know much about this and everyone I ask seems to offer conflicting advice. Has anyone encountered a similar problem?


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The answer is No

by TheChas In reply to Graphics card updates on ...

As a general rule, you cannot upgrade or change any part of the video system on a laptop or notebook PC.

The video, and video RAM is built onto the system board.

Some laptops have had the ability to accept additional video RAM, but that is notvery common anymore.

Per the specifications at Gateway, 8MB is the maximum video RAM for a SOLO 9300.

The only 'user' upgrade for the Solo 9300 is to max out the system RAM at 288MB.

Depending on the BIOS options, you may be able to allocate more RAM for video use.
I recommend an AGP aperature of 32 MB for your system.


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