Graphics Card?

By pikleking23 ·
I am trying to finish installing windows XP and I get this symptom


-During Installation when it gets to the part about the date and stuff it cuts to either a black screen, a blue screen, or a bunch of stripes.

and it also does this for pretty much any program. I don't have windows installed so pretty much I have been trying to boot from CD and this keeps happening.

Things I know it's NOT:
-It's not overheating, Checked the fan and it is spinning and also left he case open and it still did it

-It's not the monitor. I can connect my laptop to it for as long as I want and it never goes black.

-It's nothing on the graphics card I can physically see, The gold strip has no black on it and it looks fine.

So, Any idea what is going on? I'm thinking I may have to purchase a new Graphics card, For it is three years old.

NOTE: This all started when I tried to install windows 7 and it corrupted my drive so I nuked it and ever since I nuked it I have been getting this problem. Maybe I nuked the Driver? I don't know. If so... How can I install the driver with no OS or Monitor for that matter?

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by seanferd In reply to Graphics Card?

When, during the Windows install process, it asks if you need to install any drivers, press F8 as instructed, and have the necessary drivers available on some media (floppy, CD, flash drive) available for installation.

Of course you nuked the drivers. Wiping the drive... wipes the drive. As in, no drivers, apps, OS, files, etc. are left.

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by pikleking23 In reply to F8

thing is that I can't even get to the point where it asks for F8 because it just goes to a blue screen or some random coloroed screen.

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Well, then there is something else afoot.

by seanferd In reply to Dang

You really lose valid screen content that early in the install process? The additional drivers bit should occur quite early on.

You can also try gently wiggling the connector where it plugs into the card. It is possible that a yank on the cord or other trauma has loosened a connection.

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Nothing works

by pikleking23 In reply to Well, then there is somet ...

I've pretty much come to the conclusion that either something in the graphics card is messed up or the whole thing is fried. So I may as well buy a new one. Guess I'm off to bestbuy today.

Thanks for the replys

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Is there a Fan on the Video Card?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Graphics Card?

If there is you should check this as well as the CPU Fan for function.

Also instead of bothering with the Windows Install Disc try the Ultimate Boot CD and do some diagnostics. It's available free here


Boot off the Ultimate Boot CD and run the Video Tests as well as CPU and RAM Tests.

Also for Drivers that you may need to install
when the first blue screen of the Windows Setup appears you are prompted to Press the F 6 Key on the left hand bottom of the screen to install additional Drivers XP says something about SCSI or RAID Drivers if I remember correctly but it is where you install the SATA Drivers if they are needed. XP Makes no mention of SATA Drivers because it was made long before there where any SATA Devices.

You can also use nLite to Slipstream a Install Disc and include any Service Packs and or Drivers for your computer it to is available free from here



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Hardware Problem

by TheChas In reply to Graphics Card?

While it might be your graphics card, you do have a hardware problem that is coincidental with formatting your hard drive. The hardware problem may have been starting earlier and may explain why you had problems with Windows 7.

Yes, formatting your hard drive does erase the drivers for all of your hardware. But, everything should work in basic modes without the driver installed. Part of what the Windows installer does is to load a generic video driver that any graphics card should work with at low resolution.

I agree with Oh Smeg, you need to run some diagnostics.

I may sound like a broken record with this suggestion, but I keep running into a specific hardware failure across different systems.

Inspect the filter capacitors on your motherboard for physical damage. These are the round cylinders with silver colored tops and usually blue or brown plastic sleeves around them. What you are looking for is any indication that the part is enlarged. The most common is that the top of the capacitor bulges up and is not flat. The next is the bottom breaking away with a glob of brown goo at the base.

As these are difficult to replace, even with the proper tools, it is often best to just replace the motherboard.

If the caps do look good, and the diagnostics pass, I would leave the system on at the boot CD starting screen and see if it is a heat problem.


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Try this

by prrethish In reply to Graphics Card?

it seems to have memory problem
fix a new ram module and try

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Again Zombie Alert!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Try this

Zombie Alert!!!

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