Graphics problem or memory?

By C.Y.D.A. ·
good day everyone.

A friend of mine has an issue that has me guessing two answers.
His computer of recent and with no warning began lagging and seriously freezing every 1 - 2 minutes of game play. On doing some tests, we saw that the computer was running out of memory cause the severe lags. (which never use to be a problem before.)
Another symptom was that the graphics and textures were totally messed up in some games. In Counter Strike Source, I played by my self with no bots. I ran around looking at the ground. Seems to be working fine. As I focused horizontally, the lags began. Lag also came when I tried to chop a piece of wood. As it broke, the computer froze for a while, then regain consciousness.
Now, instead of believing that there was a faulty memory, my focus was on the graphics card. Its a Nvidia, Geforce FX 5 series....

Another note:
After stressing the processor heat sink is cool and blows cool air (not hot).
The memory is warm... not hot
but the heat sink on the graphics card is BOILING! (it doesn't have a fan.)

I more suspect now, the problem to be the graphics card. And that the Memory and processor is trying to compensate for the G-card's fault. Any one has any advice or suggestions? Or a diagnostic tool to test.

I will try to use another G-card to test once I get one. (AGP cards hard to come by these days.)

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Before you swap hardware...

by bart777 In reply to Graphics problem or memor ...

Try reinstalling the latest Nvidia driver.
Microsoft seems to have a knack for changing some files that cuase Nvidia drivers to go out to lunch.

Download it from teh nvidia site and install the latest driver. See if that fixes the issue before you start pulling cards out.

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by C.Y.D.A. In reply to Before you swap hardware. ...

It previously had the Dell drivers (since the computer is a dell...)

I installed the latest driver from Nvidia. After the problem occurred. The issue is still there.

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Ok, next

by bart777 In reply to Drivers

Check teh swap file size and make sure that it's at least 1.5X the RAM.

If that is ok then go ahead with the hardware swap.

If that fails then you amy have some bad RAM.

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by C.Y.D.A. In reply to Ok, next

ok. I will check that.

... next thing you know, I will discover that the part of the hard drive used for virtual memory has a bad sector on it.... v_v

Will post results when I do these tests. (which may be this Saturday....)

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