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Good morning folks,

A newby here, so a big thank you, in advance to everyone. Much appreciated!!.

Please forgive me if this post is in the wrong "place".

Some years ago now, I studied and done (did ?) some Computer Programming........Graphics BASIC (Basica, GW-Basic mainly) and Pascal (Borland Turbo Pascal).

I still do have a small collection of such *.bas and *.pas source code.

Want to teach Sons now Graphics Programming, by re-visiting those source code examples that I do have, plus introduce other source code examples..........Yep, these 2 languages are older now I know, but still want to teach our Sons. Have DOSbox and BTP 7.0 and a few different flavors of BASIC (GW, Qbasic, QB64, Dark Basic etc etc).

My inquiry is does anyone have any *.bas and *.pas graphics demos source code that they can share ?.........things beyond just the basic line, circle etc etc commands.........things like plasma, fire, 3D, advanced use of line, circle, putpixel, animation etc etc.

Yep, I have consulted Mr, Google, but not a great deal of source codes in BAS and PAS alas :-(.

Thank you so much again!!,

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