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    Graphing tool for CollectD


    by johngtimms ·

    We use collectd on our remote servers and need a way of graphing the RRD files it produces. We’d like a desktop application that would open and graph the files, not something that runs on the server and displays the graphs in a web interface.

    If no desktop apps exist, the next best thing would be to run the graphing webserver app in a VM on one of our local servers, but I’d like some advice as to the effectiveness of that.

    If that would be ineffective, we would then consider changing from CollectD to something that logs, stores, and graphs the data through a webserver. We have looked at Munin in the past. Is Munin lightweight? What other low-impact applications are there?

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      by johngtimms ·

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      Perhaps you’ll find something here….

      by captbilly1eye ·

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      …hope that helps.

      Unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with Munin.

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        more questions

        by johngtimms ·

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        thanks for that. I don’t see anything that solves all my problems. 🙂 I’m trying out drraw, though. I have it on a local VM and I copy the RRD files over from the remote server that collectd runs on. The problem is, collectd seems to create the RRD files in a different way than drraw is used to. (why that is, I don’t know, especially since collectd recommends the use of drraw) Anyhow, when I try to add an RRD file (create a new graph) it says it requires “at least one RRA.” The RRA’s are listed below, they are: MIN, MAX, LAST, AVERAGE. When I select any of them and submit, it says:

        No data source for “MIN” RRA found in file “/RRD//memory-buffered.rrd”!

        (that would be the result when I selected “MIN” as an RRA and tried to graph “memory-buffered.rrd”, which is a file created by collectd)

        Can anyone lend a hand? (I don’t know what is meant by RRA, even though I have done research)

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