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Great Backyard Bird Count - Feb 17-20 - North America

By CharlieSpencer ·
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Cornell University, one of the leading centers for ornithology research, is publicizing the annual "Great Backyard Bird Count". The data is used to track long-term trends in species distribution. In simple terms, you count bird species for as little as 15 minutes, then anonymously enter your sightings on their web site. The count runs over four days, and you can report counts from as many locations and time periods as you wish. Species checklists are available by state or province on the site, as are details of organized group counts and species identification aids. For additional details, see

Just publicizing a 'citizen science' project near to my cat's heart.

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Sounds fun

by magic8ball In reply to Great Backyard Bird Count ...

I have seen enough birds in my backyard to prompt me to buy a field guide so I can try to identify the ones I see. I have seen quite a few from Red Tailed Hawks to a lone Parakeet that must have escaped from a nearby house. One of the latest is a pair of Great Horned Owls that seem to like my Cottonwood tree as a lookout to the mesa, probably checking for anything edible once every couple of weeks or so.

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Yeah, parakeets are usually escapees.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Great Backyard Bird Count ...

You get more different types of hummingbirds out there than we do in the East. Of course, the GBBC occurs at the wrong time of year for them.

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by magic8ball In reply to Great Backyard Bird Count ...

Late spring/early summer would be the best time here. So many hummingbirds, quails, thrashers, woodpeckers, etc that aren't as active or here during the winter. Also their checklist is pretty cool too as far as what to expect to see here. I have a few really good pictures of a Scaled Quail in a Japanese Plum tree in my backyard that I was able to get about 6 feet away from him taking pictures before he finally got enough of me and flew off.

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Somebody has to do it.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Yeah

Hummingbirds, thrashers, and peckers are a summer staple.

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I knew it would!

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Somebody has to do it.
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Birds gone wild

by GSG In reply to Great Backyard Bird Count ...

Due to the mild weather, the birds have been flocking and chirping like it's late march. I saw about 6 male cardinals fussing at each other in my front yard this morning. Good for the birds, but it's going to mean lots of insects, weeds and pollen this spring!

We got my dad a book one year, and he's determined that he's going to get some bluebirds to nest in the yard. The problem is that every day he has to clean the sparrow nests out of the bluebird nesting boxes.

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Nice badge!

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Birds gone wild

Do you have a License to Kill, now?
Or did you always have one?

Mild weather, huh? Right now it's -22 C outside; that's -7,6 F.
I had to do a text message while walking to pick up my daughter from school in this weather; my fingers turned into gnarled twigs with no sense of touch five minutes into the message... it smarted a bit while they thawed out :^0

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Well there is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Nice badge!

This Delete Button between Flag and Favorite. I wonder what happens if I click on it. :^0

Actually I already know as I've been deleting every post Jason has ever made. :^0 :^0

The Power has gone to my head I'm now in Complete Control.

Col 0:-)

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Look over there, HAL, an elephant in a thong!

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Well there is

*dashes for the memory core*

- What? I left a donut in there!
So they finally decided to break out the firearms, huh? Was there a lottery?

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by GSG In reply to Nice badge!

Just call me Bond, James Bond. Have delete button, will kill spam.

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