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Great year in sports or what?

By jkaras ·
I have to say that this year has produced many spectacular events and contraversies. Football is great with the power house teams having a rough year and the usually weaker teams coming into their own. Is it the end of the dynasties in football?
I love to play baseball but hate watching it. This last weekend I caught the ending Marlins game and boy I was physched after the ending. Then I saw the Cubs do the impossible, yet another sport having the underdogs triumph over the standard powerhouses.
I've always enjoyed sports especially the Olympics but lately I'm getting more impressed by the level of play and athleticism thats being displayed.
It will be interesting to see if the Lakers will fall flat on their face this year copying the Yankees strategy of buying up all the talent while faced with controversy.
What favorite sports does everyone feel excited about this year?

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Great year in sports or w ...

I love snail racing :)

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Do they..?

by jkaras In reply to

have jockeys? And can you get great odds for betting? HEhehe too funny, nice one

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In all seriousness...

by Jellimonsta In reply to Do they..?

Monday night was probably as crazy as they come. What with the Jackson/ Damon clash in the Sox/ A's game. Then all of the mayhem in Monday night football. I actually went to bed with 9 minutes to go in the fourth as I figured the Colt's were done for.... doh!
It has been an interesting year!

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The 21 point drive didn't keep you?

by road-dog In reply to In all seriousness...

Tampa is as close as I have to a "home" team. I'm almost perfectly centered between Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami. I'm never been a huge fan, but folks are going to start calling them the "suck- aneers" again if they don't get back whatever they lost after the Superbowl.

That's the second loss for Tampa that shouldn't have happened.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to The 21 point drive didn't ...

I hit the hay shortly after the Colts had scored again, but had still not overcome most of the defecit. I am still uncertain of the jumping call but then I guess that is water under the bridge.
The Bucs should not have allowed such a rally for overtime to even be a factor anyway.

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One of the better ones!

by GuruOfDos In reply to Great year in sports or w ...

>>Football is great with the power house teams having a rough year and the usually weaker teams coming into their own. Is it the end of the dynasties in football?

Interesting to see Portsmouth in the Premier Division this year, and with David Seaman in goal. Pushing 40 and retired from the national squad, he's still good enough to 'mix it' with the top home teams. Everyone in Hampshire is looking forward eagerly to the first Southampton-Pompey derby for many a year, in December. Southampton last won the FA Cup (and indeed, made it to the Cup Final) in 1976 and we hoped this year would be 'our year' again, but sadly it wasn't to be. It will be interesting to see how Manchester United make out this season without David Beckham. Chelsea should make interesting viewing this year, with the ?70 million that the manager has spent on players. He has the money to invest to see whether the Premiership title or FA Cup can be bought!

As for motorsports, it's the first season for a very long time where the F1 Drivers Championship has gone to the wire and won't be decided until the final race in Suzuka next Sunday. It would be great to see Kimmi Raikonnen take the title from Michael Schumacher but with Schumi only needing one point (eighth place) and Kimmi not to win I think he's looking at the title. Nice to see the teams like Renault and even Sauber doing well this year. The playing field has certainly been levelled somewhat by the new points system and regulations. Probably the best and most entertaining season since Nigel Mansell went 'wheel to wheel' with Ayrton Senna all those years ago. Jaques Villeneuve has got to go though! He's doing BAR no favours at all and his playboy image can no longer be kept up by his performance. He had his time with Williams, and won a Drivers and Constructors Championship for them, but he really hasn't done much to speak of for the last three or four seasons.

As usual however, there have been downsides. Certainly as far as the British tennis hopes go, Tim Henman has produced yet another string of mediocre performances. No major titles yet again. The fans were right behind him at Wimbledon with the usual crowds on 'Henman Hill' and 'Henmania' exceeding even it's previous standards, but to no avail. Somehow the fact that he's the top British player made no difference yet again...and personally I don't think he'll ever be good enough to beat the best tennis players from Australia and the US.

But yes....not a bad year all in all!

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British viewpoint

by generalist In reply to One of the better ones!

It is refreshing to see a posting that doesn't concern American football and the NASCAR-Indy racing venues.

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Tour De France

by TheChas In reply to Great year in sports or w ...

I know that this can get me in a lot of trouble as an American male.

I pay zero attention to ANY of the typical US sports.
As far as I'm concerned, the entire commercial and college sports system in the US should be TAXED to death. A 150 percent tax rate would be too low!!!

The only sporting event that matters is the Tour De France.
It helps that Lance Armstrong has won 5 in a row. But, I also enjoyed Miguel Indurian's reign as the Tour champ.


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My faves

by Jellimonsta In reply to Tour De France

I am an adrenalin junkie so my favorite events are the summer and winter X games. I also enjoy watching soccer, football and winter Olympics (to some degree) :)

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Taxing sports

by generalist In reply to Tour De France

As an American male who isn't a sports addict, I can agree with the concept of taxing sports.

Unfortunately, the process seems to work in reverse. Big name sports groups seem to have a knack for getting tax money to help pay for their business. And they resort to a form of blackmail should they ask for something like a new stadium and fail to get it.

It would be nice if the entire country reached the point where they could say 'NO' to a sports group and be comfortable in the fact that said group would lose money if they went elsewhere.

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