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Greedy Bastards

By Lordpaul ·
I understand wanting to protect their investment but one move is ridiculous. The real question will be how secure Vista will be and how many times users will have to reinstall it from Malware or viruses. MS should make a killing there. And what about Techno Geeks that like to upgrade hardware like hard drives and motherboards. Linux is looking more attractive every day.

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Man, you is slow, the WGA is pushing a lot of people away

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Greedy Bastards

from M$ Whinedoze. The next Whinedoze release has a major virus already, it's called Vista,

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EULA is scary

by fungus-among-us In reply to Man, you is slow, the WGA ...

"The next Whinedoze release has a major virus already, it's called Vista"


I've had a chance to discuss the newly disclosed EULA for Vista on several other forums (hardware enthusiast types). With the nature of the forums we had these discussions on, many members find the terms unacceptable. In that particular community, members are constantly changing out hardware, and calling M$ for a new activation code everytime we change something gets to be tiresome. Granted we're running into that issue now with XP, but if you can find a "technically inclined" customer service rep when you call, they understand the reasons, and normally won't have an issue giving out a new validation number. With Vista, will they start to actually ENFORCE this policy? Only time will tell, but I have been moving several clients away from M$, and showing them the world of Linux (primarily Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu). I *WILL* need to buy and install Vista, since I'm sure I'll have plenty of servce calls for people that will be running Vista. It'll be interesting to see how it all pans out.

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