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Green Bar of What??

By Aaron A Baker ·
It has always puzzled me as to why we have a Green Meter Bar at the right of our names.
It's supposed to show our "Activity" during the Month? Yet I have "Never" ever seen anyone get anywhere near the middle of that thing.
Makes you wonder what it's there for and what it's purpose is.
I can't imagine it being accurate as it never seems to move. Not just for me, but for many of my Fellow Tech and by now I'm thinking, what does this thing need, that we sit at the Keyboard for 24 / 7 for a full Month? I wonder if it would climb then.
Anyway, it's just a thought, have you ever wondered about that darned bar? I still do.
what the heck is it for?
Any thoughts
Aaron ?

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A personal observation

by In reply to Green Bar of What??

From my own observation: It appears that the green bar shows your average activity on the site over a period of about 30 days. You have to have consistent daily activity during the month for it to rise.

I'm sure a TR programmer could specify exactly what algorithm is used. But, that would take some of the fun out, wouldn't it? :-)

Think of this stuff like the TV show "Who's Line Is It Anyway". The answers are all made up and the points don't matter! Everyone who comes here to give and take is a winner. :-)

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Think of it like this

by Neil Higgins In reply to A personal observation

The more you post,the more your stress levels go up.When the green indicator reaches as far as it can go...bang!! A pop-up appears saying.."hav'nt you got better things to do?" Then you get really stressed :)

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It shows ..

by stargazerr In reply to Green Bar of What??

Your site activity for the past 30 days ....

You have to have consistent activity for the bar to start getting anywhere ...

Most of the time, it isnt the bar that counts. It is the quality of your posts. I doubt many members of the TR care about a person because of the status of his/her (one should always be politcally correct ) 'Green Bar'.


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I'm such a dinosaur.

by nighthawk808 In reply to Green Bar of What??

I thought you were talking about computer paper when I saw "Green Bar".

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One of our crazy design schemes...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Green Bar of What??

As the above responses have already divulged, the Meter Bar rates your site activity over the last 30 days. This was one of the first TR Community enhancements we rolled out over a year ago, and while it hasn't exactly caused any problems, it hasn't set the world on fire with love and acclaim, either. We've considered replacing or altering it in our next community revision. Anybody have any thought on how our activity ratings/member recognition systems should change?

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The green bar serves no purpose

by M_a_r_k In reply to One of our crazy design s ...

You already have a line of text that shows what our activity rank is. The green bar never reaches full length even if you're numero uno in activity. Here are all of the top 100: I've never even heard of some of those people. Where are they posting all their messages? Maybe they are "ghost writers".

I kinda like knowing how my activity compares with others so this is a good feature. I'm #31 at the moment. I am going to slack off on my activity because I want to drop down below #50 so it doesn't look like I have no life and spend all my time on the Internet.

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by stargazerr In reply to The green bar serves no p ...

a good way to put it ....

But you have just voiced what I have been wondering from ages...where do these guys participate?? do they just answer questions in Tech Q & A ?? In fact I havent heard of the #1 and #2 at all


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