green dots on LCD monitor

By raana08 ·
Some 4 months back, I have bought a new LCD monitor and it was ok, the image was great! But recently, i have noticed green dots appearing all over the screen when playing a DVD film. The dots cover all green and blue zones, like for example, grass, sky, leaves, etc. Do you have an idea why this is so? What's the problem?

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Does this only happen when you watch a DVD?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to green dots on LCD monitor

What make of monitor do you have?
Please give specs of your computer so that we can help you more. We try our hardest on here to be mind readers but sometimes the connection becomes corrupted. :)

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2 things come to mind...

by Brenton Keegan In reply to green dots on LCD monitor

Reading your description, 2 things come to mind.

-It may be dead pixels. If these green dots are constant and appear regardless of what you are doing then these are dead pixels. This however doesn't match your description.

You said it happened when you played DVDs and they appeared around wherever was green or blue. What comes to mind is a decoding problem which has nothing to do with your monitor at all. The software that is used to interpret the data on the DVD may be outdated or incorrect. You may need to download and install this software. There are many video codecs and I cannot tell you which one your dvd is using. "DivX" is a common one.

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It depends

by kubilay.elmas In reply to green dots on LCD monitor

Hi raana08
If the problem happens when you only watch DVD you should maybe consider changing your DVD drive. Or if it happens only with this specific DVD movie, than maybe there is a problem with your disc!! (maybe it's not burned correctly).
Or, if this happens everytime you watch a movie (on the internet or from DVD), You can try by updating your Graphic card drivers, Monitor drivers and maybe install some Codecs.

And finally, all of this didn't work for you, than try to change monitor temporarly and see that if problems comes again with another monitor. If yes change Graphic Card!
If not, you can try to send back your monitor or try to find some applications which plays arround with monitors pixels to wake all the dead pixels (Not Recommanded becase most of the time, it's just a waste of time).

I hope this'll help you out. Let us know what's going on?

Thank you

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You wouldn't happen to be interpolating would you ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to green dots on LCD monitor

Interpolating occurs when you attempt to view any low resolution image on a much higher resolution setting.

The computer (in this case the graphics chip) has to create extra pixels to fill up the much larger screen with 'image'. Sometimes interpolation can be very successful, other times not.

When it's not successful it manifests itself by showing up as unexpected visually confusing dots - which colour these are is a matter of chance.

Check the resolution of your Desktop - then check the original resolution of the image on the DVD.

If interpolation is the cause of the green pixels, changing the method of interpolation from polynomial to bilinear might be possible within the settings of your DVD player software. If not, try using another DVD player - there are many to choose from.

Edit for typo.

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Hi & thx. To all your comments:

by raana08 In reply to green dots on LCD monitor

Specs of PC:
P5LD2-X Asus Motherboard
Intel IV processor @3.2GHz
PCI Express 256 MB
Asus DRDRW 16x

Specs of LCD monitor:
ViewSonic VA1**6w PC Monitor offering a maximum resolution of 1440 x 900 with 5ms response time

While using my PC these past few weeks, I have observed the following:

1. The green dots appear especially when I play video clips/films. I was watching Garfield and although its orange skin appears clear, its green eyes were made up of green dots. The green dots (which sometimes appear blue in bluish zones) are also appearing in darker zones now.
2. I was watching a black/white tae kwon do video clip. This time, rectangular green dots appear all over the screen horizontally and vertically.
3. Some of my photos are no longer clear but have a granular aspect, as if they are deteriorating.
4. All icons on my desktop or folders in the Start Menu or Windows Explorer are no longer clear. They are paler in colour and have small white lines.

The video or DVD films I’m talking about are those that I have watched more than once with the same DVD Drive and monitor and there were no green dots!!! So where do they come from?

I must say that I have some problem to choose the proper resolution setting. I finally settled for 800x600 resolution, true colour 32 bit and 70 Hertz. With the specs mentioned above, what resolution setting, colours (16 or 32 bit) and refresh rate do you recommend?

So, why are there green dots on my screen? What should I do?

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A few things first..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Hi & thx. To all your com ...

If possible, get a new graphic card and update your memory from 512mb to 2gb (if possible).
Your true colour resolutions settings should be 32bit and 60ghz. This should make for good graphics and for watching dvd's.

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Eh - I think you meant 32bit and 60 HERTZ. {nt}

by OldER Mycroft In reply to A few things first..
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Yep i did mean 60 HZ., my finger slipped onto the "g"

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Eh - I think you meant 32 ...

Thanks for that. :)

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Which 'brand' is your "PCI Express 256 MB" ?? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Hi & thx. To all your com ...

Once you ratify whether it is an ATI (nowadays AMD) or an nVidia graphics card, you should go to the manufacturer's site and check that you have the latest drivers for that specific card.

It is sounding more and more that you do NOT have 'dead pixels' on your LCD screen - if you had that many it would be a definite case for replacement under warranty. (Specifications regarding 'dead pixels' vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but they usually round-out at anything exceeding a count of approximately 5 separate, distinct pixels that appear locked in one particular CONSTANT colour.)

To be emphatic - if you have dead pixels - they should be visible on a black background AS SOON as power is applied to the unit, namely during the boot process. If you cannot see these green pixels during the start-up process, then you don't have any 'dead pixels'.

You could try removing your graphics card and give the PCI-E x16 slot a good blast with compressed air. Also cleaning the gold edges on BOTH sides of the leading edge on the graphics card with a soft pencil eraser.


Then re-fit the graphics card.

Have you tried checking with the Viewsonic On Screen Display controls yet? According to the monitor specs, you have control over Auto image adjust, contrast, brightness, ViewMatch colour adjust (sRGB, 9300K, 6500K, 5400K, user RGB).

You might have some more luck there.

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Potentially overheating

by JamesRL In reply to Hi & thx. To all your com ...

I have found that when a video card is overheating, which happens more often with games or videos than general websurfing, then you can get "artifacts" similar to what you describe, but not consistently.

I would take out the card and make sure any and all dust is off of the video card's fan/heatsink/components. I would also make sure that any case fans, the ones that either suck cool air in or **** hot air out are clean and working.

I always recommend setting an LCD monitor to it maximum resolution, that is where it looks the best. Most LCDs have a fixed refresh rate of 60hz.


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