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By cookinghardstyle ·
hello everyone, i am new to this site and i just wanted to greet everyone. i am currently deployed to iraq and i am going to school online for computer information systems and i am trying to learn as much as possible. please if you have any advice or tidbits i would love to know them.

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Welcome aboard.

by deepsand In reply to greetings

1) Read the FAQS; not that they are in any way complete, but at least they're better than none at all. You'll find them at .

2) TR has some formatting tags & emoticons, for use in Discussions, etal.. They, along with some other useful info., are at .

3) The Discussions & Questions forums are for distinctly different purposes. The latter, formerly named Technical Questions & Answers, is for that purpose alone; the Discussions forum is for all other matter.

4) Although it's far from perfect, if you're looking for a specific subject, try using the Search feature.

5) Subscribe to any Discussions and/or Questions that seem to be of interest to you, even if you've no intent of presently actively participating in them. This will both keep you apprised of activity in them, and give you an idea of the personalities of the various members, particularly the regulars who frequent the Off-Topic Discussions.

6) If you discover a particular Member whose posts interest you, mark them as one of your Contacts, so that you can easily see both where they are posting and whether or not they are on-line when you are.

7) Check out the various Newsletters, and subscribe to those of interest.

If you come across a post that is Spam, and it's not already showing as having been reported, while viewing that post, click on the "Report as Spam" link, found in the upper right-hand quadrant of the Post.

9) If you have a problem that does not require immediate attention, or a suggestion for TR, start a Discussion re. such, using the "Feedback" category.

10) If you have problem that require immediate attention, send a Peer-to-Peer message to Beth Blakely, Shawn Morton, Jay Garmon or Doug Lane. These are the TR personnel with whom we have the greatest contact; each are also Members here, and can be located in the People section.

11) Although I've never had occasion to try it, CNET supposedly has a "problem escalation" page available at .

I'm sure that there's much I've overlooked here, but this should give you a bit of help.


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