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Gret and myself have met

By jardinier ·
"in the flesh" and in the flesh.

After two years of exchanging emails, participating in discussions at TR and, and more recently talking on the phone, today Gret travelled by train from Melbourne so that we could meet.

And what is amazing -- considering that Gret is an atheistic Jew and I am a theistic, agnostic relativist -- is that Jesus brought us together.

We had never spoken on the phone until a few weeks ago when I thought I would ring her to talk about the discussions at

It was immediately obvious that we are marvellously compatible. If it hadn't been for the discussions at I doubt that I would have thought to ring her, thus it was Jesus who brought us together.

As neither of us is in a position to move to another city, we have agreed to have brief visits from time to time.

Here is a fair resemblance of Gret:

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"The lord works in mysterious ways"

by jdclyde In reply to Gret and myself have met
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by maxwell edison In reply to Gret and myself have met
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is that all

by jdclyde In reply to ~

you have to say for yourself? :0

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No worries jd

by jardinier In reply to is that all

I wouldn't expect Max to find joy in anything good happening to me. After all I am:

1. A journalist;
2. Left wing;
3. I have been a welfare recipient for 22 years for a nervous condition;
4. I think it is highly likely if not probable that humans have contributed to global warming.

I think that just about covers all Maxwell's pet peeves. :^0

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Good Stuff

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Gret and myself have met

For the Big Day - should come up a treat:

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Thanks for the link

by jardinier In reply to Good Stuff

but we both prefer au naturel. :)

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Word of Mouth tells me it's the way to go!

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Thanks for the link

Nearly 5 pm here!

Best of Luck to you.

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Well, Well...

by dawgit In reply to Gret and myself have met

ya know, in these days of total crap in the world, You, my dear sir, just put in a little niceness, light, and maybe a wee bit of hope.
Not bad Mr Jardinier.
Sorry, I've been a little preoccupied lately, damn world on the brink of analization and all that. Something possitive was indeed good news.

ps: Hallo everybody, I'm not dead yet. :0

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by DelbertPGH In reply to Gret and myself have met

Hope all works out long and happily.

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