grey line on my optoma data projector

By jim ·
I have a really irritating fault on my optoma ep729 data projector. Seemingly randomly a grey vertical flickering vertical line appears running the full height of the screen about 1/5 of the way across the screen. The line is about 1cm wide.

After it has appeared, it remains even after disconnecting from the Dell 9300 laptop.

Sometimes it occurs after about 5 mins, on other occasions the projector can operate for 8 hours straight without a problem.

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Sounds like a Hardware problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to grey line on my optoma da ...

If the projector is still UG return it to the supplier for repair/replacement. If it's no longer UG you'll need to get it looked at to fix the problem.


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Vertical line problem

by gaston95 In reply to grey line on my optoma da ...

Well Jim, you are not alone. I just bought an Optoma projector and have the same problem on mine. At first it only happened occasionally, but now it's all the time. Any solutions?

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me too!

by nickiffrench In reply to grey line on my optoma da ...

Did anyone sort out this problem or do I have to send our brand new projector straight back?

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If it is brand new send it straight back

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to me too!

After all if it's got a problem now it's the best time to get it sorted rather than after the Warranty has expired and you have to pay for it.

I would suggest returning it to the place of purchase and demanding an exchange unit to replace the faulty one that you have.


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Same Problem

by john22 In reply to grey line on my optoma da ...

We should all write Optoma and get them to fix this problem for free.

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