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GridView, formview and passing key values between Pages in ASP.NET

By sarchbold ·

I have a question involving GridView, formview and passing key values between Pages in ASP.NET

What I am doing is something like a private message system.

On one page at top I have a GridView, below it I have a formview I also have two SQL Data sources SQD1 works with gridview and SQD2 works for Form View.

Now what I want is when you select a message in GridView it displays the details of it in the formView, I have this working the way I want.

Now I have two problems.

When some one clicks on Message1, it displays in the formview, I have a DB field that says if the message has been read or not, when the formview displays it also updates the DB to mark the message as read.

The DataView does not change with this, most likely because it has not updated it?s self, if possible how can I get this to update and display the new value?

My second problem is I want to place a reply button in the formView(I can do this with editing the FormView template) I would even settle for placing it outside the formView.

What I need is to somehow get the MsgId(which was passed to the formview) so that when the button is clicked it will pop up my newmessage page with the msgID in the address bar.

Example: Newmessage.aspx?MSGID=?100?

Any ideas How I can accomplish this in ASP.NET 2005 using VB Script.

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