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grinding noise from DVD Rom drive

By xiuyuen ·
This happens randomly. Cannot find link or association to narrow troubleshooting areas.

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Bent drive bay

by Oz_Media In reply to grinding noise from DVD R ...

DVD's are extremely complex laser systems compared to regular CDR's. They slightest warp or misalignment and you'll get a tonne of noise. I've gone through many before finding a consistently quiet one. They can run at pretty high speeds and vibration gets nasty at times to.

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grinding noise from dvd rom dirve

by xiuyuen In reply to grinding noise from DVD R ...

Mine is a Pioneer 106S model. It started acting up only after a year's use. Could be time to replace it with some other. Which would be the best in terms of faster speed, reliable and quiet as well?

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Well I've run a DVD drive for well over 3 years now

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to grinding noise from dvd r ...

Without any problems other than the occasional noise from the drive on disks that where unbalanced or badly made. If the problem is happening on every disk that you use then you do have a problem but if it only happens on some disks it could very well be the disk rather than the drive.

Next time it pays up make a not of which disk you have in it and keep a record of which disks it makes the noise on. While you claim to have had good service out of the drive for 12 months it could be that as the DVD's get made cheaper and cheaper there are problems arising in the manufacturing process which causes them to not be in balance. Of course this is only a problem when run at high speeds for data recovery or something similar.


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