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    Groove Music Playlists disappearing

    by charm16 ·


    I had a few playlists of varying sizes, from 100 to 1000 songs long. After a recent update (I’m on 18965 but this happened on the previous one as well), all my playlists disappeared from Groove Music. All my music is stored locally in the music folder and Groove Music is still able to see and play them but the actual playlists have disappeared. I went through and recreated the smallest of my playlists but after an indeterminate amount of time, it disappeared as well. I’ve been creating test playlists of just a few albums to try and determine the cause but I can’t seem to narrow it down. Closing the app, putting the laptop to sleep, and restarting don’t seem to delete the playlists. I did notice that a test playlist disappeared after adding an album to Now Playing but when I tried to recreate it, the playlist didn’t disappear leading me to believe it was just coincidental. It could be that this bug is linked to some other process, maybe one that’s memory related. It’s really daunting to go back and remake my larger playlists when they could just disappear at random but I need them to study. Any body else experience this issue?

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      How to create playable playlists in Groove – a caveman’s solution

      by zekamaboy ·

      In reply to Groove Music Playlists disappearing

      I’m very new to Groove, and found it patchy – some of the playlists I had on my Win10 laptop under WMP showed up in Groove, many did not. WMP itself had vanished from my Win10 laptop, how I don’t know, but it had. I rediscovered it in Windows Accessories under Settings.
      I launched it, and created an empty dummy playlist (in commands in top ribbon). WMP saved it in a folder (I don’t know how WMP selected the folder location, but you can find it by right clicking the new playlist in the WMP dialog panel (open file location, you will find it with the new playlist as the sole entry)
      Then I went to the folder containing the good .m3u playlists I’d retained in my own folder structure. I imagine everyone does that so as to retain control, and it paid off. I selected all my playlists (just the playlist names, not the tracks therein which didn’t show anyway), and copied and pasted the lot in one hit into the new WMP playlist folder (all in Windows Explorer), and deleted the new dummy playlist.
      When I went back to WMP, all the playlists were there, with complete track entries. For some reason I couldn’t play the tracks from WMP, but it didn’t matter, because when I opened Groove, they were all there too, and playable! Thank you WMP for being there as a stepping stone.
      There is another way to get your playlists into Groove not requiring WMP, where you start playing a track in one of your playlists, open ‘Now playing’ in Groove, clicking the 3 dots up top and Saving as a Playlist. When I tried that, I was able to activate some of my playlists, but many more suffered from a grayed out and inactive ‘Save as a Playlist’.

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