Group email and a bit more - is there an option out there?

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I am trying to find a program where I can create a group email account for a number of people to review emails sent to a generic email address. They can then action those queries that come in and answer them from the generic email address. Ideally, where queries can not be given straight away, notes can be left so other users of the group can see what has been done so far.

This is probably in its base form, as I would want the team leader of the group who can assign the emails for specific individuals to deal with and take responsibility for. Whenever any ones emails out from the group however, it would use the generic email address so any responses come back to the group.

Is there a system out there that can provide this? We use SBS2003 in our office, but willing to consider cloud systems as could use this system for a number of groups within our company. (Effectively a group represents a different company that we manage)

As a longer term measure, it may be interesting for our clients (not based in our office) to be able to log into the system (hence the interest in cloud).

Any suggestions welcome, as I am the boss of the business, not the IT guy!

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Initial thought...

by Andrew Marr In reply to Group email and a bit mor ...


Using SBS2003 you have MS Exchange. You can configure a shared mailbox here, or several.

It will have the generic email address as you wish and you can allow all or selected members of staff to access this.

You can create sub folders under the inbox and allow your team leader to move emails from inbox to the individual user folders for them to action (assignment). (I'm addressing the need you have described but the sky is the limit)

As far as leaving notes - you are looking for a collaboration tool or perhaps could enhance how your staff use mail between themselves to update interested parties (team members).

I configure shared mailboxes all the time and they will always have a specific purpose or particular process attached to handle the mail received to it.

You could move your email architecture to the cloud but would need to review requirements, and costs.

Hope this helps you to picture the possibility - in its simplest form shared mailboxes for sure.

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