Group Policy, 1 PC and 2 User accounts

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This may be a dumb question but I am having trouble setting up two different levels of access for my two accounts.

I have one Windows XP Pro computer and two user accounts. One account is the administrative one I use everyday. And the other account would be a non-password protected user account which is basically only allowed to browse the web and use programs. There are other features I'd like to disable like the ability to search the PC, etc.

I can modify those settings in group policy but it only seems to affect the whole PC rather than just the one account. I am a Desktop Support Technician (ie entry-level techie) but am very new to Group Policy and Active Directory (AD is not available in this scenario).

Can I use group policy to modify one accounts accessiblity?

I am hoping there is a relatively short explanation or how-to on this issue but I am also looking for a 'to-the-point' book or article on this subject matter as well, if someone can recommend something I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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User Policy V Computer Policy

by Jewmaster In reply to Group Policy, 1 PC and 2 ...

Also failry new to policies mate but from what I understand it relates to wether or not you are applying a User Policy or a Computer Policy.

You can control the appication based on AD group membership, so if you are applying a computer policy you can control which workstations it is applied too via AD group membership on the computer object. If you are applying a user policy you can control the application of the policy based on the AD group membership of the user object.

It sounds like you are applying a computer policy to the workstation and that is why it is affecting all users on the workstation.

Look at your user policy options.

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