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Group Policy 2003 - Printers

By dtavmcse ·
Windows 2003 environment. 100+ users. Workstations are primarily XP, with some 2000, and 9x in the mix.
The company is divided into groups, by location
I have created an OU for each group, and within the OU I created a Domain Local Group, which includes it's respective users.
Then, a .VBS script was created for each OU/Group.
This Script removes all printers from an old Server (Server1), which is being removed from service, and then adds the appropriate printers from the new Server(Server2), according to the group's needs.
Then I created a Group Policy for each OU, and specified the .VBS Script to run as a login script under the User Properties.
The script does not run.

The script runs if I link it to the Default Domain Policy, but not if linked to the OUs.

Please help.

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by gpastorelli In reply to Group Policy 2003 - Print ...

Based on the information given there are 2 things you can do. The first is check permissions on the script(s). Verify that "Authenticated Users" (or whichever group(s) you want it to apply to have execute rights.

The second is this way (please note, this is from my experience there may be other ways to accomplish the same goal) -

Using .VBS Script as login scripts -
Greg Pastorelli

In my experience using .vbs scripts as login scripts, I've had mixed experiences. Sometimes it would work flawlessly if the same login script was used from a network share, other times I had to store the same script in different locations depending on the OU it's applied to.

In this case, based on the information given here is what I would try.

1) Edit the GPO applied to the OU in question.
2) Once the "Logon" properties are open, click the "Show Files" button
3) The "Show Files" button will open a directory tree stored in the sysvol directory.
4) Drag the script(s) you want to apply here.
5) Close out of the directory window
6) At the "Logon" properties, click "Add"
7) Click "Browse", it will open to the folder you copied the script(s) to.
The script(s) you copied will be there, select the script(s)
9) Click Ok
10) Once back at the Window you can move the scripts depending on your desired order.

Like I had mentioned I've had it work before where I browse for a script on the server and it works, other times it's had to be done this way.

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