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I'm running Windows Small Business Server 2003. I seem to be having a group policy issue. When logging onto the SBS server under administrator account, it takes up to 10mins to log on (hangs on applying user settings). I have two servers on the domain, and logging on to the other under the same account is fine. 'gpresult' hangs on the domain controller (both on "connecting to RSOP namespace" and "Getting the SID information"). I haven't seen it get past the "getting the SID information" part as yet. 'gpupdate' times out on the DC. But both seem to run fine on client computers and the non SBS server. Group Policy seems to applying to computers as well. My tape drive has just karked it as well so restoring a backup is not an option at the moment. What can I do the troubleshoot and fix the problem?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Group Policy

what os on the clients? what sp?

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by gwaltman In reply to Group Policy

Check your DNS logs for errors and also check and make sure that the DNS is setup correctly on the other server. I had this similar issue and there was a problem with my DNS settings.

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by CharleyM In reply to Group Policy

If you unplug the network cable from the hanging server and try to log in will it do so?

If the hanging server is not the DC, try removing it from the network and then re-adding it.

Other things you might try to do is removing GPO's one at a time to see if one of them has created some sort of issue.

Also, make sure no network devices like a firewall/hub/switch/router combo unit is inbetween the two servers. Sometimes those little boxes automatically block some of the TCP/IP ports windows uses to pass Domain security information around on.

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by it In reply to Group Policy

UPHclean utility seemed to solve the problem. Thanks Anyway though.

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