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HI, my question is veru simple.
I have the patch file to "avoid" getting the already well know blaster worm. It is an .exe, i want to install a group policy or similar in my windows 2000 network so that everybody have that update install, something like installing that patch whenever they login if they already dont have it...

any help?


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by TechKid In reply to GROUP POLICY

Best thing to do is create an .MSI file. You'll need WinInstall LE from the W2K Server cd. It's fairly simple. You can then apply it as a software GPO

Or, another solution, is to create a shutdown script that maps a drive to the location of a simple batch file that executes the hotfix. There are swithes you can use on the hotfix that will install it silently. The down side to this is in your batch file, you should also put a line in there to skip the batch file if the hotfix is already installed so it doesn't keep installing the fix everytime someone shutsdown

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by TechKid In reply to

Upon further review, if you're running XP on your desktops the MSI solution will not work. Windows File Protection (WFP) will not allow the update of system .dlls through MSI packages. Turning off WFP sounds like a good idea here but when you read how to do it, it's a HUGE pain in the neck.

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by steffen.hornung In reply to GROUP POLICY

So, the answer has to be simple too.
there is an universal msi wrapper that invokes an install.bat in the same directory as the universal msi-file. So hook up your patch in the install.bat and go for it.
Note: If you want to use this wrapper more often, you have to change the unique id in the msi-file.
You can do this by using WinInstall LE or other tools like ORCA.

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by REZUMA In reply to

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