Group Policy in 64 bit vista

By destiger92 ·
Hey guys. I need to know if there is any way of getting my gpedit.msc to run on my 64 bit Vista. I have tried patching up the OS but no change.

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Depends on which version of Vista you are using here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Group Policy in 64 bit vi ...

You need Vista Business or better to do this.

If you have Home/ Home Premium it can not run as that is how the smaller version of Vista are designed.


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Home Premium

by destiger92 In reply to Depends on which version ...

Thanks Smeg

Does that mean all the changes i needed to make in group policy can not be put into effect using any other method?
I need some alternatives.
Big up

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by destiger92 In reply to Depends on which version ...

I guess i have to try another O/S.
Thanx for the help

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Sorry but I've been away with WORK.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanx

Basically you are correct though you need to Upgrade your OS to one of the Business Applications to get things to work that way.

Currently I'm wading through about 30 Hours of Video converting it to DVD from VHS for a Surgeon to give lessons to new Quacks. So I'm sort of extremely busy right at this point in time and simply don't have time to do much else.

Yep it's sort of Self Induced as I hate Medical Work and I'm converting Surgery Tapes to DVD which I've had for nearly a month now. But I didn't know that he handed me 4 5 Hour Tapes with 4 Ops per Tape that needs to be broken into 4 DVD per Tape and ends up with 16 not the what I originally thought of as 4 DVD's. The guy gets back on Saturday and wants them then to give a Lecture to some students.

Personally I'm thinking that slitting my wrists sounds very good about now as somehow I've just managed to wipe 10 Hours of Recorded Material from the system.

Anyway if you need more help here it may pay you to repost the question so others will see it as I'll be a bit scarce around here for a few days.


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