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    Group Policy in Local or Workgroup env.?


    by jdumont ·

    Hi. I consider myself behind the times due to the fact I still support Legacy Dos Apps. A new client is so freaked out about employees messing with the computer and playing that she formats the drives and installs msdos to run the main App. Now they want to add a computer to the various remote locations, I’ve asked she consider xp or win2000 and use Group Policy to lockdown the machines. All I see is Group Policy in a domain or AD setting. Can anyone point me to some resources on locking down a pc to the maximum in a workgroup or standalone environment? Much appreciated and Thank you.

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      by cg it ·

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      heres how to open up group policy on the local machine. Click start, then run. Type in mmc then press enter. with the mmc open click file then add/remove snap in. With the add/remove snap in window open click the add button. With the add stand alone snap in window open, scroll down the list and choose Group Policy. The Group Policy object will be for local computer. Click ok.

      the Local Machine Group Policy MMC will be open and this is where you set Group Policy for the local machine. There are 2 methods of GP. Computer and users. You configure Group Policy in the same manner as you would for a domain, the only difference is that computer configuration is stricly for the local computer and user configuration is strickly for local users. If you have an understanding of a domain group policy, the only thing to keep in mind if that there isn’t Active Directory Users and Computers MMC in which to create containers to collect a group of users or computers and apply a group policy to them. Settings you make apply strickly to those users on the local machine or the machine itself. Therefore in a workgroup setting, each machine has to be configured individually.

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      by rewrite ·

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      You can also get to the group policy editory by clicking the Start button, clicking Run and then typing gpedit.msc.

      Go to the User Settings, Administrator Templates and then go to work.

      MS has an Excel reference sheet which describes the settings for the Group Policy manager. Here’s a link:



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