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    Group policy logon scripts no longer run automatically


    by akish ·

    I am the server admin of a K-12 school district that recently experienced the joys of the Conficker worm. It had spread to virtually every pc and server on our network, and it took us a week to get rid of it. However, in the aftermath of its destructive influences, we now have to repair the damage it has caused.
    One of the things it did was to cause the faculty and student logon scripts to no longer run, and I have been unable to locate the specific cause of this behaviour. In most cases, logging into the network as a domain admin will allow the scripts to run. But the faculty person or student will not run the scripts. The AD structure has not changed, neither has any of the permissions in the group policies. Other policies seem to run without issue (desktop backgrounds, and other environmental changes). In desparation, I placed the logon scripts in the AD profiles of every user. It won’t run there either. Manually running the script (\\dc\netlogon\script.vbs) will allow the script to run, but it will take anywhwere from 30 seconds, to 10 minutes before the script actually runs to map drives, log the logon attempt, etc. The script itself only takes a few seconds to run. Getting the script to run is the problem.
    Has anyone experienced this issue in the past? What was your fix? Suggestions are encouraged.

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