Group Policy not applying to some computers

By sostermann ·
We have a Windows 2K3 domain with Windows 2000 clients. A couple of the clients are not receiving all of their GP settings.

All GP settings are contained in one policy object.

Using gpresult on the non-updating users show that the policy was applied correctly:

"The user receivced "Registry settings from thse GPO's: xxxxxxx"

However, the computer is using local group policy settings:

"The computer received "Registry" settings from thse GPOs: Local Group policy

The non-updating computers are in the same container as the updating computers.

Are the gpresults indicating local group policy updates where the problem lies?

Any other ideas?

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I'd like to know too

by glenn22 In reply to Group Policy not applying ...

I am having a similar problem with our Windows 2k3 server and a windows xp pro SP2 client. I'd like to know why it doesn't update it's GPO settings.

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GPO not updating

by blain.s.andrew In reply to I'd like to know too

Me three,

I am having issues even after preforming the "gpupdate /force" command. It ALWAYS seems to want to reboot when I issue this command; and yet no changes are made when I issue the command "gpresult".

Please someone help!

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Setting might be causing it

by eagle_1_70501 In reply to GPO not updating

I know that when applying some settings the and running the force command that it will ask you to log out. I know for sure this always happened if I had a folder redirection policy applied.

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