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Group Policy - Please help!

By msft ·
Hi All,

Our company is currently running an SBS box that controls the majority of our clients security settings through Group Policy Management Console (GPMC).

Just today, I was creating a new GPO to enforce some security settings but i only wanted this to apply to certain computers. So in the Security Filtering section of the Scope tab in GPMC of the GPO, I added all of the computers into there, and deleted the by default added "Authenticated Users". When I went to run a Group Policy Modelling Query and a Group Policy Results Query to check whether the GPO worked correctly, it came up under the Denied GPOs section and the reason stated that it was "Access Denied (Security Filtering)". It seems that whenever I remove Authenticated Users from the security filtering section, that it will ALWAYS deny my GPO. Is there anyway to just apply to users/computers without having Authenticated Users (which means that it applies to ALL users, as they are authenticated when logging in)?

I urgently need to apply this GPO and would love any help available.

Thanks all

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by msft In reply to Group Policy - Please hel ...

somebody should have an answer to this....

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New OU

by collignond In reply to Group Policy - Please hel ...

Create a new OU for the computers requiering the modified security settings and place the GPO in the OU for these machines.

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I have the same issue...

by tim.mcgovern In reply to Group Policy - Please hel ...

Hi msft,
Did u ever find a way of filtering the group policy to a group of computers only?

The last suggestion of creating a seperate OU is not ideal and it is always recommend to keep the OU strucure simple without defining too many sub OUs.

All material on internet suggests that u remove the Authenticated Users group and only add the group you want to the Security Filtering list in the Scope of the GP.
But this doesn't seem to be working.

Appreciate any help on this one.

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