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By kfrost ·
I would like to change the location of a groups browsing history/index.dat with group policy. I don't want this stored on the local drive as it's erased everytime the users logs off. Is there a way to do this with Group Policy?

Thanks in advance.

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by TobiF In reply to Group Policy

Maye IEAK, Internet Explorer Administration Kit can be of help?
(Since you ask about GP, I take for granted you have IE in mind.)

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Yes it's IE.

by kfrost In reply to IEAK?

It's set for one user group to store there history files on the network in a folder. But I can't seem to find out where that setting is in Group Policy.

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Here we go

by TobiF In reply to Yes it's IE.

I looked in gpedit.msc

I never installed the latest gp-templates on my Vista (since I don't need them), but in the native version, gpedit offers just a few settings for IE, and I didn't notice file locations among them.

But then I looked at the first google search result for IEAK, http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/bb219541.aspx And, a bit down the page, there's a table, which says "Yes" for setting file locations.

So, get IEAK, and it will help you with what settings you need to specify, and how to distribute them.

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by kfrost In reply to Here we go

I never used IEAK, but it seems pretty handy. For my current problem though I would like to stick with Group Policies because it's easier to roll out and change.
Hopefully there is a way to do it within group policies. If not I will use IEAK.

Thank you for your help.

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I was thinking

by TobiF In reply to Interesting

that IEAK may help you to get the needed settings in a form that you later on may "import" into GP etc.

In any case, before playing with GP, did you do the patches for GP that came somewhere half a year ago. Maybe you have some useful settings there?

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