Group Wise has stopped working!

By Mokhotla ·
When composing a new mail in GroupWise 8, a dialogue box "GroupWise Client has stopped working - Windows need to close it" appear.

I uninstalled and re-installed GroupWise but to no avail, I scanned the computer for viruses and malware but it is still the same. I'm on Windows 7 OS platform.

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This might be of help to you.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Group Wise has stopped wo ...

GroupWise closes unexpectedly

This type of issue could be caused by the installation of non-core applications (either intentionally, or unintentionally), and virus'. Have the customer login to a clean core image workstation to validate if the same behavior occurs.

Disconnect all file paths (archive, and save/check out).
Close any recently opened programs.
Check the "Task Manager" to see if any of the GroupWise components are still running (i.e. GrpWise.exe, Notify.exe, or Addrbook.exe) and "End Task" any of them that are still running.
Try launching GroupWise again, if the same behavior continues, a reboot may be necessary to clear the error completely.
Try closing all address books and removing them from the Name Completion Search Order list except the Novell GroupWise Address Book. If this fixes the problem, it may be a corrupt entry in one of the personal address books.
Check in Tools | Options | Environment | General tab to see if Check spelling as you type or Check spelling before send is set. If so, a missing or corrupt user word list file can cause a problem. Try disabling the spell check feature to see if it fixes the problem. Location of the user word list is in the Windows registry at "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Novell\User Word List 6.1\US\User Word List 0" If it is missing or corrupt, try replacing it with the one you can download from:
[back up and save the original user's one if appropriate while you troubleshoot]

More info here:

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