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Groupwise and Remote

By Friscojw ·
FYI, in my opinion there is not a Novell client for 5.5 that will not prevent future corrpution
of the telephony registry settings. I have tried several of the supposed fixes, and the corruption continues. I have done all the fixes to the registries, etc. And while the corruption does not occur simply by trying to dial to a location, the minute you start adding more connecting from locations, location keys within the registry tart
duplicating and mutating. I've given up on trying to resolve this as Novell seems unwilling to provide a true fix. I have used 5.5.4 client, and now am on 5.5.5f and still the same crap. Fortunately I have played with these location keys so frequently, I can correct on the fly...but this is not a solution..

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