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Groupwise and XP

By jrhineh1 ·
We are changeing to groupwise 6.5. on our xp Machines the post office address apears for the person that installs the groupwise client, for anyone else they have to type in the IP address. since It could be any one of 3000 users this is not going to work is there a way to make the address apppear for everyone?

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by fcat In reply to Groupwise and XP

I did this by modifying the SETUP.CFG file from the Groupwise Installation directory. Here's the link for the Novell doc:

Here's the short version: Just save a copy of the original SETUP.CFG on your Groupwise Installation Directory, then under the section [GroupWiseSetup], modify the item IPAddress=x.x.x.x to whatever Address you're using.

Test the install first, to see that the address comes up correctly.

Note: We actually changed the SETUP.CFG to match all our install choices on a manual installation of Groupwise. Then after testing the install on several machines, we "automated" the install by using HideAllDialogs=Yes under section [ShowDialogs]. I burned this to CD and sent it to several remote locations, and the users didn't have to make any choices.

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by godheadbob In reply to Groupwise and XP

Youn can also accomplish this by adding and entry into the hosts file of the PC, or in your DNS server. Just point the ip address of the GW server to "ngwnameserver" (no quotes). This is what I had to do for remote users as we have several post offices. All the other PO's know about each other, so once it gets to any of them, it can find the one that contains you.

Hope that helps

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