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Groupwise in XP

By Onalos ·
I am running Groupwise 5 in XP Pro. We do not plan on upgrading to a new version of groupwise because we are migrating to Exchange. However...the problem I am experiencing is when opening Groupise in remote mailbox mode I recieve an error that entapi32.dll is missing or will not start and that I must re-install groupwise. I get the error but I am able to continue working in my mailbox with no apparent problems. I just want to know what causes the error. I did a search for entapi32.dll on google but I do not come up with anything that pertains to me.Has anyone had this happen or does anyone know what causes entapi32.dll errors? Does anyone know what entapi32.dll is? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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by Oz_Media In reply to Groupwise in XP

It does seem to be quite an elusive file doesn't it?! Many searches came up with different results, they all seem to have one thing in common. It is an API initialization for various different programs. Which program it is in your case is not too clear though. It isn';t related in any way with Groupwise, I checked with the GW engineers and they don't show it in their file list. They assume it is related to your remote authentication software. I personally think GW thinks it needs it to connect to your remote PO (even though it doesn't). Try just reinstalling your GW client, it only takes a minute.

as for your changing to Exchange, can I ask why anyone would create such a headache? GW is secure and rarely attacked by malicious coders, whereas Exchange is just a massive MAJOR headache full of patches, insecurities, vulnerabilities and constant patching, all in all, another piece of MS junk! When I converted my last client from Exchange to GW they were stunned at the difference and the new administrator gets to play games all day because it's like being the Maytag man, it just keeps working.

I don't think I've ever heard of someone going from GW to Exchange but MANY from Exchange to GW.
Are you just trying to secure your future with the company by creating more work for yourself, or is the admin an MCSE that thinks that Exchange is better ?

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by Onalos In reply to

I agree with your comment from moving to Exchange from Groupwise...however I did not make the decision. I was strongly against it. You were right when you said we had a MCSE who thinks Exchange is great. :)

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by Onalos In reply to Groupwise in XP

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