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Growing a Home-Based Computer Repair Business

By enfield_john ·
For those of you who have or have had a home-based repair business, what have you done to increase the number of customers? I have a start already, but so far I've been relying on word of mouth and a free website on Geocities. I get customers sometimes, but not enough to make this my full-time job. I do contract work for a tech focused temp agency, but I'd like to just do the repair business some day. I don't think I'm ready to rent a space in a strip mall yet. I would probably need some sort of business licence and increased insurance first.

I'd like to keep it home-based for now but I wish I was a bit busier with it than the occasional job.

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Look for small community classifieds

by mjd420nova In reply to Growing a Home-Based Comp ...

I use a local "flea market" classified newspaper. It gets placed at most bus stops and stores. The paper is free and the adds are cheaper than a regular newspaper and locally coordinated to keep calls local. Word of mouth is great if your prices are right and the work is good. One good reference from a customer is worth two or three more calls from their friends. Having a good supply of parts on hand is important and a low hourly rate will not make them hesitate the next time they need help. Good luck.

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My way of doing...

by prototype_nsx In reply to Growing a Home-Based Comp ...

using the classifieds is good idea and i think adding some kind of skype/yahoo id with saying you provide remote assistance to people for a couple times free and later on they have to pay per use, if you handle your customers properly you might sell a couple of devices to someone and at the same offer him a yearly subscription of maintenance with some extra fee.the subscription should mention like if it cannot be solved remotely then they gotta bring it in and it will solved within 24 hours or within 3 days if a major upgrade/replacement needed. This way we can pursue people who live in our neighborhood because they gonna trust you since you live around them..

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All I can say is good luck to you.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Growing a Home-Based Comp ...

The last time I was in Las Vegas I looked up PC repair shops in the Yellow Pages. There are dozens and dozens of them. You've a lot of competition. What do you offer that is different from them? Pickup and delivery maybe? I think you should find <i>something</i> to stand out from the crowd.

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What I did,

by normhaga In reply to Growing a Home-Based Comp ...

while growing my business was to print fliers and hand deliver them to targeted area's.

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Re: Growing a Home-Based Computer Repair Business

by pclaptech In reply to Growing a Home-Based Comp ...

I just started my own home based computer repair business. And in same boat as you, only word of mouth helped me to get one or two call per week. I am looking forward to do more marketing. Also I have posted free Ads in google now, and hitting my website often. Thank you for sharing. I will post more in future.

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