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Grub Vs. LILO

By Frenchwood ·
What is your preferred load method for linux on a dual boot system?

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lilo for me

by Jaqui In reply to Grub Vs. LILO

only because I wasn't impressed with boot interface for grub.

they both work fine, I just didn't like the look / feel of grub.

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I like grub

by jmgarvin In reply to lilo for me

I can customize grub a little more than LILO, but that doesn't mean LILO isn't customizable.

I also tend to like grub because it seems to be kept up with a little more than LILO now....

I think what it really boils down to in preference. It depends on what you need and want.

Check out:

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by Jaqui In reply to I like grub

you're just grubby!!

take a shower once in a while. :)

my biggest complaint with grubs interface is that it's a huge batle to get a text only boot menu.
lilo it's simple to get text only.
I like my runlevel 3.
i like having the data for what's happening during the boot scroll by, not hidden. that way I know that everything has loaded right.
( not like ms world where it's mushroom treatment* as company policy. )
and manual start of a gui if it's wanted for the session.

though I agree, grub is now better supported than lilo, and is definately more commonly used as the default by distro's.

* mushroom treatment = keep you in the dark and feed you bullsh|t.

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Run level 3!? Wuss, I only use Run level 1 ;-)

by jmgarvin In reply to naw..

Single user mode all the way baby! ;-)

And do I smell THAT bad that it is creeping through the ethernet!?? Dear god, I must bath more often or I'll smell French *zing!*

You can have grub scroll the data as well and you can still use interactive mode. Are you talking about the wonky Fedora boot screen deally?

You have defined my being! I am a mushroom!

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by Jaqui In reply to Run level 3!? Wuss, I on ...

not fedora, it was actually a mandrake release, grub only had graphic interface options.
( they default to graphic with lilo as well but allow for text interface with lilo )
I refuse to use red hat's products, since 14 installs to get mountable root partition, then it went and defaulted to runlevel 5 when told to use 3.
won't install red hat's products on my machines at all.

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Arg...the Run Level 5 "default"

by jmgarvin In reply to ~lol~

I hate how Red Hat does that. I set it to Run Level 3 on install and it still goes to 5. You have to do it post first boot and THEN it will work!

14 installs to get a mountable partition!!??? What happened?

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red hat's

by Jaqui In reply to Arg...the Run Level 5 "de ...

fdisk didn't set partition structure up correctly, for red hat.

but that's the rub, when you tell it to default to 3, it had better default to 3 or it gets removed and the company will never sell me thier product again.

even though mandriva likes gui and graphic feature in console, they don't stop you from saying no to all of it when configuring.

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Grub for me

by Choppit In reply to Grub Vs. LILO

I've always used Grub. I'm sure LILO/GRUB have their pros and cons bur GRUB has always worked for me so I stick with it.

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by Amjad Zoghbi In reply to Grub Vs. LILO

grub is gradually replacing lilo and grub tends to be somewhat easier to administer and is being shipped with new distributions such as Red Hat's Fedora Core 4. Although i have worked on lilo for quite some time with no drawbacks, I tend to stick to grub nowadays.

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Distro default

by stress junkie In reply to Grub Vs. LILO

As others have already said both LILO and GRUB work. The conclusion that nobody has stated is that you may as well use whatever your distro defaults to using.

Or you could use loadlin.exe. I used to use that back in my Slackware days when the Linux kernel was at v1.4. The nice thing about loadlin.exe is that it doesn't mess with the MBR at all. The downside is that nobody uses it any longer. Even I only mention it as a humorous diversion although it is still as viable as any other boot loader.

I now use GRUB but I wouldn't say that any boot loader is superior to any other. If I installed a distro that defaulted to using LILO then I would use LILO for that machine.

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