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GS75 (8th gen, RTX 2060) vs GS75 (9th gen, RTX 2070MQ)??

Hello everyone. I'm choosing between these 2 laptops and I can't make the right decision.

GS75 with i7 8750H and RTX 2060 - 13599¥ (2015$).

GS75 with i7 9750H and RTX 2070MQ - 16599¥ (2460$).

All other specifications are the same except that the first model has 16Gb single channel RAM, second model has 2*8Gb dual channel RAM.

I haven't played games for the past few years. During this time, many interesting games have been released that I'd like to play.

The price difference here is 445$ wich is a lot. But you get a new CPU, dual channel RAM and faster GPU. Is it worth it?

I'm stuck on making the right decision and hope for your help.

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The one with Dual Channel Ram

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to GS75 (8th gen, RTX 2060) ...

Should be the faster of the 2 as it is the better option for performance.

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For price difference, single channel memory is better

by architroymail In reply to GS75 (8th gen, RTX 2060) ...

Undoubtedly the dual channel memory is better in terms of performance, also you can upgrade it easily. But the 16GB single channel memory is also good enough as the 16GB capacity memory is par excellence. It can handle any of your high end games, no questions asked. For a huge difference $445 I personally would not go for dual memory.

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