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GSM Environmental Monitoring Solutions

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Today we have many ways to communicate with each other but few are as convenient and simple as the SMS (Short Message Service). Thanks to this technology every person with a mobile phone can communicate via this simple and low cost service. SMS like all technology is evolving and its not just for teenagers sending text-speak to discuss the days events, it has many business applications as well. The one I'd like to discuss today is remote monitoring.

Environmental conditions can cause all sorts of adverse situations; servers and computer equipment disagree with hot temperature, power loss, leaks or floods. Fridge/Freezers can warm-up from lack of power or an open door, even the wrong temperature or humidity in a farmyard hen coop can cause serious problems. This is where remote monitoring can save the day, using SMS you can be notified of a situation as it happens or even be warned before the situation is critical.

Below are some products which are simple and relatively speaking low-cost solutions that can provide you with the latest environmental information for your application.

First everyone of these products require a GSM Modem, The Sensormetrix GSM starter pack is a great way to make GSM integration really easy. This pack includes a GSM Modem, a power supply, antenna, serial cable and a CD containing all the documentation. It couldn't be simpler, just connect to one of the monitoring devices below via the RS232 cable and hey presto youll have SMS alerts for your environmental monitoring system.

The Sequoia Icarus is a GSM thermometer with temperature logger by storing temperature values in its internal Flash memory (every 15 minutes) and e-mails stored data (every 4 hours) over GPRS. Can also send an alert via SMS, email or ring a phone if the temperature goes outside the set safe parameters.

The Poseidon 3262 is a great websensor for medium sized server rooms or monitoring areas in a lab. The user can attach up to 6 temperature or humidity sensors over a total distance of 30 metres. Standalone this unit can send email or SNMP alerts, but when connected to the Sensormetrix GSM modem itll send SMS alerts if the temperature or humidity go outside the set safe parameters. This device is very simple to set-up via its built-in web page.

All the same features as the 3262 but if you require more sensors plus relay inputs and RS232 outputs then the Poseidon 2250 is the ultimate solution. This unit has capacity to have 36 sensors for Voltage, Current Temperature, Humidity, Air Flow, Motion, Smoke, Water Leak, Vibration, Door Contact, Energy consumption. Plus 3 dry contact inputs and 2 outputs to control relays which allow you to not only remotely monitor but remotely control devices.

Another option available is the G-series datalogger from Comet systems. Its designed to be installed in the driver's cabin and is powered from the vehicles cigarette lighter. The G Series range allows recorded temperature data to be printed on delivery for proof of environment during transportation of the goods. This device also conforms to TV SD certified to EN 12830, Class 1 and EN 13486, Class 1 for the transport of food. With an option to add a GSM modem this device can also send readings back to HQ to keep track on the environmental data.

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