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Guess what Max, AV

By santeewelding ·
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You carry on an honorable and valuable new function:

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Carry on?

by maxwell edison In reply to Guess what Max, AV

Or were among the first? Most of them came after me, not the other way around. I don't carry on. They do. I don't follow anyone, but rather blaze my own trail. My footsteps were among the first on that particular road not taken. And still are. On different roads.

Of course, I'll let AV speak for herself.

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Carry on

by santeewelding In reply to Carry on?

But without the comparative banalities. They are as the weapon of choice in a pillow fight.

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Who in the **** uses the word, banalities?

by maxwell edison In reply to Carry on

Either a self-absorbed, self-indulgent snob, or a freak.

'Nuff said.

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Three in a row

by santeewelding In reply to Who in the hell uses the ...
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And having said that . . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Three in a row

..... you, yet again, convinced me that this is my last posting to this discussion.

Carry on.

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you just had to use a word

by PurpleSkys In reply to Carry on

that i had to look up. geesh... it's my new word for the day though, so my day has not been wasted as I've learned something new.

Now, I wonder, did Max read the site you posted? I know I took a minute to read it over and I do agree with your OP santee.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Carry on?

I think I see why santee's arrogance bothers you so.

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And you just now notice this?

by maxwell edison In reply to Hmmm.

It's his game. No more, no less. It (usually) doesn't bother me. Just pass the fly swatter.

P.S. He actually started, what could be, a good discussion. But he apparently just can't help himself.

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Not a good discussion

by santeewelding In reply to And you just now notice t ...

A helluva good discussion. But, you just couldn't help yourself, preening Adonis.

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all i can say is...

by jck In reply to Not a good discussion


If he's Adonis, i'm Fabio.

Line up, ladies...Fabio is back! ]:)

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