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By don ·
We currently use FileMaker 5.5 for a small (300k records)
database with (I would say) complex scripts and functionality.
Mostly for SSL and fat-server reasons, we want to go to web-
based. But we change layouts and rules a lot (maybe that is the
problem) and I do not want to recode the HTML everytime a field
needs to be nudged a few pixels, which is often. I cannot find
any software that helps me with this. The FileMaker 7.0 web
generator does not support my advanced scripts, or that would
be just what I needed except it is not SQL. Servoy requires seat
licenses and is not true web. I would develop on LAMP but the
maintenance of a complicated, dynamic site seems onerous. I
don't think Dreamweaver allows me to include PHP or other code
although I can't get a straight answer on this.
Surely this must be the most needed software in the world - GUI
HTML and SQL renderer, but why can't I find it? FoxPro for the
This would be different than a data-base driven site. Instead of
the dynamic data being the issue (which is still true) is that the
HTML changes a lot too, and there is PHP (with SQL) embedded.

Please help this data-base driven fool.

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Dreamweaver MX

by Oz_Media In reply to GUI WYSIWYG WEB DB editor ...

Dreamweaver MX works well with PHP and mySQL.
What code is your site based on?

The Dreamweaver code is so easy to change too, you can make sitewide changes with find and replace or with v.7.01, which in code view would save you hours!

The indented code eases navigation in code view to begin with but if you have a LOT of pages to change, an updated Dreamweaver (MX 7.10 or later) will ease this along. As the code is entered from a window, you can apply it to a number of pages, so if the same code changes it takes minutes to add it sitewide.

I don't know where you have tried to get help, but the Macromedia Developer Forums should get you an firm answer in NO time. In short, YES you can do it with Dreamweaver. Depending on your spefific needs the process may change though.

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We provide a Dreamweaver extension for RAD web DB development

by acostin In reply to GUI WYSIWYG WEB DB editor ...

We are providing a RAD development tool, that allows you to visually create and edit database records list and forms, with a lot of interesting features:

We have several thousands clients and the numbers are growing at a very fast pace - there's also a trial available there - you could take a look.


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Looks cool

by Oz_Media In reply to We provide a Dreamweaver ...

I am an MX developer so I always take interest in new tools.

As opposed ot the DW extensions, this suite is a far more robust set of tools, and the intergration looks nice. Unfortunately at quite a price but I am sure it is justified even if just by the MX integration, that really has to be the most robust suite I have ever seen, andit just gets better and more tightly integrated all the time.

I score macromedia as an unrivaled 10 in design and development.

Maybe MX Kollection is a good thing for me to keep an eye on for future applications (for a client to buy for me), but I can't see me spending my own money on it, for now anyway. Not that it isn't of value, but it isn't free either.

Thanks for the link all the same though. :)

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FoxPro for the Web?

by InteXX In reply to GUI WYSIWYG WEB DB editor ...

Hi Don, you're closer with your guess than you might think.

Have a look:


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by InteXX In reply to GUI WYSIWYG WEB DB editor ...

Works also with MSDE (the free version of SQL Server, 5GB max size)


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by rconcepcion In reply to GUI WYSIWYG WEB DB editor ...

Better try free MySQL admin, web enabled admin can be done on MySQL tables. MySQL runs on almost on every imaginable platform.

Open source rules!... :)

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