Guidance Needed with Excel & VBA please

By dean.pelto ·

I'm very new to excel and VBA and any help would be greatly appriciated, I've been asked at work to create a spreadsheet for maintanence work that holds certain information i.e date recieved, part number, location, start date etc from this information entered it then needs to be able to copy certain parts of the data into a calender


date recieved - part number - location - start date

01-01-09 - 001001 - unit 1 - 03-01-09

so since the works been planned to start on the 03-01-09 i would need the part number and location copied into a calender layout corresponding under the start date

my inital thoughts where to create a seperate workbook for each month and have each day on a sperate worksheet,this is where my troubles then begin because i dont know how to write the vba code that would look in the start date column and depending on the date entered copy the relevant information across to the corresponding date worksheet

is this possible or am i going about this task the wrong way, any help or guidance would be greatly appriciated



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My advice is: Don't use a wrench as a hammer

by robo_dev In reply to Guidance Needed with Exce ...

Don't create an elaborate VBA database application on a spreadsheet. Create a simple database application using a database.

Whether it's Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL server, or MySQL..these tools may be a little more work up-front, but much less frustration down the road.

If you want to look like a hero, build a simple Access or MySQL database, and then use a Web-Application generator like ASPMAKER to which can automatically build a web-based front end to any database.

This may be overkill for what you're trying to do, but life is too short to write interfaces.

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