Guidelines for Laptop Issue

By santorr1 ·
Looking for examples of guidelines (decision criteria / justifications) around issuing laptops in place of desktops.

Appreciate the help.

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Other than portability I don't think that there are any

by OH Smeg In reply to Guidelines for Laptop Iss ...

The Sales Staff and maybe the technical Staff will need NB's but no one else should.

Even if you do decide to issue NB's to every Boy & their Dog you will need an Corporate Usage Policy in place to prevent the NB's being constantly corrupted. Any inappropriate use should result in Termination and you need to stick to this no matter what. If you don't you'll be forever reloading NB's that have, had games installed on them and Hose the OS and company files.

NB's are more expensive for the same thing, older technology & less reliable than Desk Tops. Why do you think that it's a good idea to deploy them unless absolutely necessary by the individual end user?


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Not really comfortable with the idea.

by santorr1 In reply to Other than portability I ...

Col... thanks for the reply.
I agree, I'm not really comfortable with the idea of issuing NBs however the company is at a transition point where users are now actively requesting laptops so just trying to get some ideas for decision criteria others have used to make the call.

Thanks again for the reply.

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My experience down this road

by dapowers In reply to Guidelines for Laptop Iss ...

I have issued some with mixed results.

So far the only place we found a fit is for folks that spend a lot of time on the road where they need to have a lot of specialized software or reference material on hand and current. If they have the same computer with them on the road that they use everyday then they know where everything is and how it works. It is usually up to date with all the correct software and reference material because they didn't forget to sync it with their desktop. If you are trying to work with someone and everything you are doing on the laptop is second nature and expected it portrays a more professional image. You only get to make that first impression once!

We do get some bad feedback about poor video and slower response times running apps when connected in the office. Seems they accept and expect it to take longer out of the office but not when direct connected. Hmmm.... negative feedback if they like using dual monitors also.

Desktop replacement laptops are usually larger and heavier than standard laptops. People don't want to lug them around and we found some of the people that said they wanted them didn't ever take them out of the docking station because they were to bulky. They were also three times the cost of a business class PC with no real ROI for the average user. Special drivers, mailing in for support, and theft were enough for us to see the writing on the wall.

For typical office type folks we just give them a regular desktop and an additional laptop if they need one. We use cheaper laptops with standard images for quick replacement if they drop it or burn it up. Better customer service and for standard office apps it works great. Also cheaper when we go to bulk replace them.

It has been a few years since we went down this road as a big project and you may have better luck then we did.


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My discomfort is in the ROI

by santorr1 In reply to My experience down this r ...

Bill thanks for the reply.
What criteria did you use for the benefit side of the ROI for users? Any form of structured criteria like... travels 50% of the time, Meets with cutomers for presentations, needs 24x7 access for problem resolution...?

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I go by their job

by OH Smeg In reply to My discomfort is in the R ...

If they are a Sales Person and travel or meet people at their place of Business they have a NB end of story, there they need these.

The Techs have a NB if the business is involved in anything Computer Related and using one of the new Web Enabled phones isn't suitable. This is generally to do with submitting bills for work done to the office who then bills for the job.

Of course Senior Management has NB's but they very rarely need or use then they are just Status Symbols for the Big Boys Play Toys.

Basically if it's going to cost money if the person fails to deliver something related to their job it's worthwhile. But just handing out NB's for the sake of handing out NB's isn't Cost Effective unless they are handed out as a form of Reward for the individual employee. In the early days of NB's I watched 1 Sales Person wrap up a $30,000,000.00 sale in 5 minutes because of the NB. Cases like that make them worth while and the Techs may need then for their job depending on what the company actually does as it saves the Accounts Department a lot of money by having access to the right Part Numbers etc and current price/s. But with the Sales/Tech Staff I give them one or the other so that they constantly use the one computer for all Work related things.


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