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Guns can protect or kill

By chdchan ·
With gunfire weapons, one can protect or kill. The case of Colorado shooting is not telling Americans to quench owning weapons, but on the contrary urging them to buy more.

The U.S. is a country respecting freedom. While the police and soldiers have guns, so do the general public. With freedom in American minds, privacy is also secured by Law, hence one can kill an intruder to one's premises. The reasons behind this practice are: Americans are above-par wealthy and they need some extra security against crime (also reflected in their possession of most nuclear missiles in the world); Americans are relatively selfish and self-protecting (people are putting security of oneself above public safety by advocating gun possession, plus developing nuclear weaponry whilst disallowing poorer countries to follow suit); Americans think they are so morally superior that most people can refrain themselves from gun abuse.

In fact, if some would like to prevent crime with guns, they should first think about how easily guns can cause crime. For the first time in history, after many gun-related crimes, people from the rest of the world should become hesitating when considering emigration or traveling to the U.S. and other gun-approving countries. As Chinese ourselves, we applaud for our own better-off personal safety without undiscriminated gun possession. When guns are publicized for eliminating their inner lack of security, Americans are haunted with even greater homicidal fears.

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One point to keep in ind is that an armed population is damned hard

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Guns can protect or kill

to invade and overrun, or keep under control if you do surprise them. That's one of the reasons why the first thing a dictator does is to disarm the general public.

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We Chinese should never carry guns

by chdchan In reply to One point to keep in ind ...

I agree, of Chinese (us) some are bandits, more violent, and in general of lower moral standard that should be more cautiously disapproved of carrying guns.

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I suspect a lot of those people feel that...

by Slayer_ In reply to Guns can protect or kill

If they had a gun and were in that theatre, they could have stopped the shooter.

But that internet cafe with the old man shooting those robbers. That's the way to do it.

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There's a website I go to that has interesting news reports, all are

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I suspect a lot of those ...

verified before being posted. One I love from some years back was about a criminal who walked into a popular store and pulled out a gun in an attempt to rob it. He was very surprised when over thirty people pulled out their own guns and pointed them at him - he gave up real quick.

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I question your suspicion.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I suspect a lot of those ...

I suspect that few had a direct view of the shooter. Had more than two or three in the audience been armed, they might have mistakenly fired on each other. If you hear shots and you can only see one person shooting, you aim at him assuming he's the original assailant, overlooking the possibility that he's a fellow defender. This becomes even more likely in a crowded, dark theater in the middle of one of the movie's battles, with screaming people constantly altering the sight lines. Fortunately, many other gun owners I've heard from say they probably would not have fired due to a lack of verifiable target. As the number of owners goes up, the number of irresponsible ones does too.

That's also my response to the original poster's position that we're better off if more people are armed. At what point do those attempting to defend everyone else become a danger to each other?

As to Americans needing guns because we're rich, more crimes are committed against the poor, by the poor, than against those who are better off.

I find it ludicrous to be lectured on safety by someone from a country that routinely imprisons others for the ghastly crime of disagreeing with it. Now there's a group of people that need firearms. See Ernest's 'One point...' above.

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Bad Bad Pally

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I question your suspicion ...

You know we need Massive Mags for Military Rifles.

Doesn't matter that a Solder only gets a few shots off before having to change Mags we who are not as well trained need Mags with 1,000 times the ammo just so that we may get one off in the right direction.

From my understanding of that Movie Theater there was Tear Gas used first before the Gun person with a Gas Mask walked in shooting with a 100 Round Mag. How he only killed 12 and wounded 58 with such a high powered Rifle is what needs to be address here.

The weapon was obviously faulty as it didn't shoot straight. Things should have been so much worse that what actually happened. Then again I suppose a Midnight Showing also meant small numbers of patrons attending so that there was more space between them making it harder to hit them through all that smoke.

What the Hell do you need Assault Rifles for in the first place. After all they where designed and built to do just one thing and that isn't any form of Hunting. Then build 100 Round Mag's for them when they where never designed to carry that much Ammo you have to wonder who these fools are. And that was just one of the 4 weapons that this guy was supposed to have. [/sarcasm]


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Midnight Opening Movies

by TheChas In reply to Bad Bad Pally


I don't know how it is down under, but here in the US, midnight showings for the opening of a major movie are big events and often sold out to full capacity in advance.

What saved lives was a combination of the shooters lack of practice (training) and the fact that the weapon jammed.

What has not been released was a count of how many rounds were still in the 100 round magazine. Or, even which of the weapons scored the most hits. (What a macabre line of thought.)

As many states have relaxed the rules to get a concealed carry permit, I am more concerned about going out in public than I was when one had to show cause to get a CCW permit.

Part of my thoughts are if you need to carry a gun to go to the grocery store, you are paranoid and need help. The second part of that thought is why would you go into a situation where there is a risk that you would need a gun for protection. The third part of this thought is that if we as a country have allowed our society to crumble so much that there is risk to life and limb to go to the grocery store, we would be much better off spending money to improve our neighborhoods rather than buy guns and ammo.

On the same thought path, I know of no statistical evidence that either an armed citizenry or harsh crime penalties (including the death penalty) reduce crime.


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Thanks for that Chas

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Midnight Opening Movies

No info here that it was a Opening just a Midnight Showing.

If anything that makes the low Body Count even worse and that is the really sad thing here that we can think that way. Maybe I need help as when I first heard the News Reports I thought this is going to be really nasty and sounds like a Higher Body Count that what happened in Norway last year.

I must be hanging around with the wrong people to think like that, way too many Judges, Queens Councils and the like make me think of the worst that can happen rather than anything else. Though I can not help but think of a phrase I heard in a Movie somewhere that goes something like this "Just because you are Paranoid doesn't mean that someone isn't out to get you."

On the same thought path, I know of no statistical evidence that either an armed citizenry or harsh crime penalties (including the death penalty) reduce crime.

Not really supposed to cut down Crime as a Judge here told me a while ago. It's more about making the Citizens feel that when someone does something nasty they mistakenly believe that the Purp will be hunted down and punished. It's most defiantly nothing to do with Law & Order but only to make the Public feel better about what is going on.


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I wonder about that myself.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Midnight Opening Movies

If I thought I needed to be armed to go somewhere, I wouldn't go there. The 'Stand your ground' crowd might say that I'm knuckling under, or that I'm letting fear dictate my actions. I don't see it as any different from not seeing how close I can drive to the edge of the cliff.

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@Pal, Which parts of your post reply to who?

by Slayer_ In reply to I question your suspicion ...

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