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Guys .. need some help. Need a software

By stargazerr ·
I have to turn a world map into an image map (YUK!! ... Looooong Job ) .. Anyone know of a good free software for <blech>Windows</blech> ??

Right now I use Map Designer 2.22 Pro, which is a good software but it is only free for 20 days.

HELP !!!

Thanks in advance :) . I really wish I could spend a little more time at TR but the sales guys at my end are tearing me to bits.


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Howz GIMP??

by stargazerr In reply to Guys .. need some help. N ...

Someone suggested that .... Looks cool, but I have never used it. Have any of you ever encountered it??


P.S ... Wait a minute, this looks like an Image editor software .... AAARGHHH

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Simple search

by Cactus Pete In reply to Guys .. need some help. N ...
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by stargazerr In reply to Simple search

I will come back with the name of the one I had the guts to try

Thanks Again


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by Jaqui In reply to Guys .. need some help. N ...

a company that has free trial version for 30 days, and yet the whole product is only 30 bucks us.


They actually do have good tools, designed for the windows platform, but that do support w3c standards for site design.

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Need some help...

by retiremenow In reply to Guys .. need some help. N ...

Can anyone tell me what a wireless network is in regards to types of networks... ie..would I use a ring, star etc.? Which? Also would this be a peer to peer? or which?? Thank you for your response..

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Img Map software

by b.ngatai In reply to Guys .. need some help. N ...

There's a free pack of tools by the name of Handy Tools which includes a free image map maker. I can't find the link at present but you can email me at b dot ngatai at gmail.com and I will send the whole package over to you. Includes a color spy and a gradient text tool, gif color mapper and a find and replace tool.



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Perhaps Iokio FeatureFinder is an alternative

by tjbate2000 In reply to Guys .. need some help. N ...

Have a look at www.iokio.com

FeatureFinder Studio positions data points on a full range of maps in a single FLASH .swf file that can be embedded into any web page (or even PowerPoint slide show) The maps do not yet zoom, but for a world map that is OK....they are working on a web service link to Yahoo Flash API.....this is COOL stuff...

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ur question to: "turn a world map into an image map "

by Goutham S.C. In reply to Guys .. need some help. N ...

1st solution:

go to google search and give this string "turn a world map into an image map ". click ok to search.

2nd solution:

visit this site: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_images.asp

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Free Image Mapper

by jabuga1 In reply to ur question to: "turn a ...

I use the software from "http://www.irfanview.com". It the easiest mapmaker Iv'e used

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