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    Guys, what should i do with this motherboard?

    by koboshiuematsu7 ·

    Although i work fixing mobile phones and tablets, im a complete beginner in desktops, this is the motherboard that i want as my main daily driver, cuz my daily driver is a very underpowered laptop
    I started getting parts for a desktop, but the board doesnt turn on, it blinks a led message but i cant find the manual for this model, i only found a physical copy being sold on a russian website and it doesnt even ship to my location
    Its a PCWare IPMQ45 lga775 with a Pentium Dual Core, and i have a bunch of memory modules and i did test with them all individually, same result, the board doesnt seem to be dead but its not booting tho.
    Here my video

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      At that age.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Guys, what should i do with this motherboard?

      The usual fix is another motherboard. I can’t hold class in this small space but the usual rundown is to strip the motherboard out of the case onto cardboard. There we can hook up a PSU and carry on testing. I’ll write what we try in some general order. Be sure to test if there is progress at each step then stop there and don’t go further. That is, when it works, stop fixing it.

      1. The CMOS battery is replaced with a new one. I haven’t written why in a while so here’s why. This battery is well under 25 cents in bulk so any time spent measuring or testing is not cost effective.

      2. Always test with the least number of parts. In the case of a motherboard if it’s a power up issue (for this ancient system) we don’t need a CPU, RAM or much else. If this old bare board does not power up with the bare number of parts it’s a failed PSU or board. Use a shop PSU to confirm.

      3. You might be tempted to try to fix boards over ten years old. We don’t unless it’s obvious what to do. We find another and that’s how it’s done. Your newer techs will sink days and weeks on an old bad motherboard.

      4. Be sure the motherboard jumpers are in their proper positions. If you can’t find a manual that’s as good as having a dead motherboard.

      5. Just last month a client had a dead motherboard and we found a complete (enough) 4th gen i5 for under 200 which was far better than the old Core2 system. The final moves was to move the SSD and ODD over and it was done. We help with disposal to the recycle company. We never find it funny to see a machine we sent to the heap show up for repair.

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        by koboshiuematsu7 ·

        In reply to At that age.

        The motherboard is already out of the case, and onto cardboard
        I think you didnt watch the video, and that’s ok, its a big video, and you guys have other things to do, so its o-k, really, i think i should have provided pictures or made a shorter video, but i wanted to give the most details that i could
        I did indeed replace the CMOS for a new one.
        It has only 1 stick of ram, the cpu, the cpu fan, kbd+mouse, a bootable linux flash drive
        About the manual thing(4th topic)… Thanks… I think… I didnt want to give up on it cuz i just bought this pc and i never used it, i’m kinda low on money, otherwise i’d leave this motherboard at a repair shop, i also didnt wanna throw it in the bin cuz i think if theres a 1%chance i’ll shoot for that chance, but reading this reply i feel like just accepting it and sticking to my phone
        Thank you for replying

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          My reply is pretty generic.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Sir

          I work with hundreds over the year so my initial reply is to get the usual out of the way.

          I see you put in a new battery but can’t tell if you did the other usual tech work.

          Those Core2Duo systems are all over Ebay for 30 and up bucks.

          The cost to put such a PC at the shop starts at $150USD here so unless you can fix it cheap, you replace it for less than the service counter costs.

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          I’m not in the us

          by koboshiuematsu7 ·

          In reply to My reply is pretty generic.

          Or in any first world country either
          Things are expensive here, i’m talking half a minimum wage for a potato pc, thats why im focusing on making this one run, but i thank you and i respect the time that you put here to help others in this forum, huge props.

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      Just noticed. NO CMOS BATTERY?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Guys, what should i do with this motherboard?


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        Took it off, forgot to put it back in for the video

        by koboshiuematsu7 ·

        In reply to Just noticed. NO CMOS BATTERY?

        I saw somewhere that it could be the bios, and to reset it, i just had to take the cmos off for 15 minutes, i did it for 30 just to be sure, then i tried turning it on and it gave the same result, thats when i decided to record another video(theres a previous one, and i posted it on quora, and everyone told me it was the psu, now i see it isn’t, and i’m f’cked)
        Edit: the CMOS is now in

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          I think that’s a typographic error.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Took it off, forgot to put it back in for the video

          The CMOS was not removed, just the battery.

          I take it you know to put in a new battery (see above.) If you want to chance it, use your VOLT METER and it SHALL (yes, shall) read over 3.0V. Otherwise it’s bad. Yes, folk will report it works on such and such board but after decades I no longer spend more than a minute and install a new battery.

          OK, you want to know how to test a CR2032? Sure. Do that but my view is a new 20 cent battery (actually less in bulk) is cheaper.


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          by koboshiuematsu7 ·

          In reply to I think that’s a typographic error.

          I unplugged everything and figured out the jumper configs in a diagram, put the jumper in recovery position and took out the battery
          Then i left it for 15 mins and preceeded to plug everything back on: mouse, kbd, flash drive, monitor, psu, and a brand new battery
          SAME result

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          And yet.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Update

          I can’t tell if the basics were tried per my last reply.

          I know you are stressed out but can you tell me about the 5 items I listed about 25 minutes ago?

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      Can’t tell in the video.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Guys, what should i do with this motherboard?

      Is the ATX12V plugged in?

      Remember the entire video is made without the CMOS BATTERY so I can’t write that should work.

      Everyone starts somewhere in PC repair. Some new techs “want” the machine to work but that’s not good enough. You said something about protocol but the PC as I see it never should have worked.

      1. You have the CMOS battery in and you say it’s good.
      2. I can’t see if the ATX12V is plugged in.
      3. MOVE the RAM (power off of course) to another slot. DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON “This is the right slot.”
      4. Where’s the motherboard speaker? Sometimes there’s a beep code.
      5. Use ANY video card as sometimes the onboard video fails.

      This machine is so far past its service life that no one I know will spend a dime on them.

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      OK I’ve watched the first 8 minutes of the video

      by the master2 ·

      In reply to Guys, what should i do with this motherboard?

      And can not see any problems.

      What you are doing wrong here is believing turning on the Power Supply turns on the computer and makes it run “IT DOESN”T.” With ATX Power Supplies it just turns on the Power Supply and provides low voltage to the unit so things like the optical Mouse has power and the Real Time Clock BIOS or whatever you want to call it and you are not running on the battery to power the RTC Chips.

      What you need to do once the you turn on the power is normally push the Power Button on the Front of the case and then the system should turn on.

      Those wires include a General Power LED and HDD Activity LED a Reset Switch and the Power Switch and sometimes a Speaker. All switches are make and break switches so when they are pushed in they make the circuit and when you release them they break the circuit. ATX System require a ripple to start the computer and if you hold the switch it screwy things will happen depending on the M’Board and BIOS they may start and turn off straight away then start again or they may do nothing at all.

      Also just turning off the Power Supply doesn’t necessarily remove power from the M’Board so you need to not only turn it off but unplug it before changing things on the M’Board. Changing bits with power can burn things out very quickly.

      As for blowing up the Power Supply that is how they run when the system is turned off so the only way you should damage it is to have a spike come in ove rthe mains you should be able to leave it on 24/7/365 with no adverse affects.

      What you need to do here is either find a contact switch and leads from an old case or bridge out the 2 pins that turn on the system when Power is supplied to get it to run. Personally I wouldn’t even bother having any RAM Fitted just the M’Board, CPU and as that M’Board appears to have a speaker mounted on it that should give you the BIOS Message for that BIOS Type.

      Can’t help you with that as I don’t know the make and model of the M’Board

      What you can do if you know the Boards well is short out the 2 pins with the blade of a screwdriver and then remove the driver and watch it run if it is going to but “YOU NEED TO KNOW THE BOARD VERY WELL” as if you short out the wrong pins you’ll kill the board.

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