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    GW 5.2 Internet Mail Problems


    by chris.riley ·

    We have a NW4.11 Server runnng GW5.2 POA,MTA,ADA & GWIA. Up until the last 2 weeks everything has been fine but now we are having intermittent problems with internet email. About 75% of mail (incoming & outgoing) is delivered ok but the remainder can take between 1-4 hours to be delivered. There seems no pattern to this: it does not matter who they are from or who they are sent to. It does not seem to matter if there is an attachment or not and it does not seem to matter what time of day they are sent.

    At first I thought it was a problem with our ISP but they say there is nothing wrong at their end (but then they would say that) and say that the problem is with our mail server rejecting mail when it’s busy.

    I’m not sure what to try next, I am considering downloading an eval copy of NetPro’s MailCentral to see if this can pinpoint where the problem is. Does anyone have any experience with this product? If so, any tips/advice is welcome.

    Any other ideas or things to check??

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      GW 5.2 Internet Mail Problems

      by tbradley ·

      In reply to GW 5.2 Internet Mail Problems

      The question is going to be, what has changed between the time it was running good, and now?

      Have you added new servers to the tree, or a large number of objects?

      Have you upgraded or patched any software?

      Has anyone upgraded, tweaked, or re-configured your router?

      The problem you describe is most likely a communications problem, and your server is not receiving tcp/ip packets as it should.

      Whatever has happened has slowed down your server’s communications, and it is cyclinginbetween receiving or sending email, and doing it’s self service functions.

      Look closely at your service console, and note if you are receiving lost comms errors, net address errors, or other indications of poor communications.

      load ping atthe server console, and ping the ISP’s router. look to see if the times are cycling…. short… med … long… long… etc.

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      GW 5.2 Internet Mail Problems

      by acurrin ·

      In reply to GW 5.2 Internet Mail Problems

      Look at the statistics on the GWIA and turn the logging to verbose. I have seen this happen when IP Fragmentation is occurring and the GWIA will get 420 TCP read/write errors.

      It can be related to packet fragmentation, or sometimes to a hop on aroute that can’t process large packets.

      Search Novell’s site for the keywords of:

      always allow IP fragmentation


      set mtu size.

      Setting these IP settings has solved a lot of problems like the ones you describe.

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      GW 5.2 Internet Mail Problems

      by chris.riley ·

      In reply to GW 5.2 Internet Mail Problems

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