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H-1B: Patriotic or treasonous?

By j.lupo ·
Infoworld had an interesting article today about the H-1B visa debate and the future of IT in America.

Check it out at

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Thank you for shopping at Kwiki-Mart..Please come again

by Why Me Worry? In reply to H-1B: Patriotic or treaso ...

H1-Bs' are better suited at running Kwiki Marts and 7-11s' than doing IT work from the quality of the work I've seen from them.

They come here for jobs, but as a U.S. citizen, try going to India and applying for a job there. They will laugh in your face and tell you that they only hire their own. So if they hire their own, why the **** must we hire any of theirs?

Either become a citizen of the U.S.A. or get your curry stinking *** the **** out of this country!

I'm sorry to sound harsh, but why are we pandering to foreigners when it is obvious they don't give a crap about us?

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There was an article a few months

by j.lupo In reply to Thank you for shopping at ...

ago that showed others going to India to work. In fact they preferred it because of many benefits. I don't remember where I found the article or read it, but it was interesting.

Apparently, these people from France, England, Germany, and many other places found that all of their living expenses were covered and other benefits. They got to travel in Europe as well. Yet, they all worked in India for companies duing IT work.

So, to say that you can't get hired in India if you got there, I don't believe that statement. I was offered a job when I worked managing an offshore project. I chose to stay in the US.

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If I can find that article, I will post a link

by Why Me Worry? In reply to There was an article a fe ...

but the truth that they want us to hire them but don't want to hire us is indeed truth, and they will blatantly tell you so in your face "We only hire Indians"

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I'm not doubting you..but your case is rare

by Why Me Worry? In reply to As I said. . .

as I doubt that if 1000 of our IT guys were to go to India seeking work, they would be laughed right out of the country.

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I understand your doubts . . .

by j.lupo In reply to I'm not doubting you..but ...

Read the articles. I found them interesting. They were real eye openers for me. Another interesting aspect, if memory serves, the reason they are hiring outside India is in answer to the language issues that have come up. English speaking employees for English speaking countries, etc.

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Ahhh..the language barrier..gets me all the time

by Why Me Worry? In reply to I understand your doubts ...

I recall having to call Computer Associates, which has their call center in India, only to get some Indian tech who I could barely understand. I wasted more time trying to understand the jibberish coming out of his mouth than actually troubleshooting the technical problem we were having with ArcServe at the time. What's even more funny is when you call up and they state their names as "John Smith" or "Mary Joe" yet sound more like Apoo from the Simpsons and try their hardest to hide their Hindi accents, which they do in vain. Yeah, if their name is "Billy Bob Joe", then my name is "Rajindra Patel Ramalamadingdong".

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I sometimes goof on them by sounding like an Indian myself

by Why Me Worry? In reply to I understand your doubts ...

I once called Dell tech support and pretended to be Indian myself, because I do a pretty good Apoo impersonation. My coworkers were rolling on the floor in laughter at how the tech could not understand my accent, yet I understood his and he kept asking me to repeat everything I was saying. I told him to excuse me because I was in the middle of having lunch and the curry and tandoori chicken was sticking to my teeth, impairing my speech a bit. This was a priceless moment in which we all got a good laugh out of.

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J.Lupo, what are you doing?

by amcol In reply to I understand your doubts ...

I've read a lot of your posts and you're a pretty intelligent person, with a lot to contribute and a nice way of articulating your point of view.

Why are you wasting a nanosecond responding to moron face? You didn't get enough of his nonsense in the other couple of threads he's been polluting this week?

Does anyone out there have any connections at TR I could call so I can get him thrown off here permanently? After that happens I plan to have his membership card in the human race revoked. Considering he bought it on sale that shouldn't be too hard.

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Sorry amcol . . .

by j.lupo In reply to I understand your doubts ...

I was just happy to see someone respond to a thread I started. I was so bored at work today, I decided to participated at TR and do some research.

I am begging for appologies. Please. . .

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